5 Things You Need When You Hit 30

There are a few style and beauty staples we believe that every woman needs in her life, including a trusty blazer, classy pumps that can take you from day to night, a brilliant red lipstick, and obviously something Chanel (a 2.55 flap bag is a must-have in our books). If experimenting in trends and styles were your forte in your mid-20s, turning the big 3-0 means having a few significant things that you can use to transition into a more matured yet chic lifestyle.

Here’s our take on 5 essentials every 30-year old needs in her life:

1) A classic white tee


Never underestimate the importance of a slouchy white tee in your closet. A white tee is versatile yet effortless at the same time—throw it on during the weekends or lazy days with a pair of jeans or shorts, or wear it with trousers and skirts and a blazer if you wanna dress up without trying too hard. A high-quality white tee can take you a long way; brands we like include T by Alexander Wang, Everlane, Madewell, and Petite Bateau – check our post out for more deets.


2) Your signature scent


You can change your style, hairdo and beauty look, but one thing we believe should be constant is your very own signature scent. Whether it’s opting for perfumes, home diffusers and closet fragrance sachets, stick with the same notes that make it yours, be it a citrusy/floral notes or musky/woody undertones. The White Company in London offers great home scents like their classic Pompelmo candle which is what we imagine heaven to smell like; Diptyque Paris has an excellent range of personal and home fragrances for a consistent scent; and Parisian brand Astier de Villatte will ensure no one else smells like you with its luxe range of artisan-crafted scents.


3) A multitude of supplements


Turning 30 also means it’s time to up your health game, starting with a well-stocked pantry of supplements. If you’ve only been getting your nutrients from greens and fruits, kudos to you, but having probiotics, multivitamins, and your regular good ol’ dose of Vitamin C is a great way to kickstart a well-rounded diet/lifestyle. Our Boxers are able to help you ShopandBox your supplements and vitamins from Costco in the USA for less – its prices are unbeatable! Take a 450 tablet bottle of Centrum; it costs just 20.59 USD at Costco compared to three times the price outside of the US.


4) A good set of makeup brushes


Some of you might already have a stash of great makeup brushes for most purposes. But for those who still believe in using your fingers for makeup application, it pays off to invest in high-quality makeup brushes for a flawless and precise beauty look. An Artis Oval 6 Brush (also a favourite of b-blogger Zena Khatib) can work wonders on your face, while Sigma brushes are renowned for its extensive range and popularity with makeup artists such as Jaclyn Hill. German brand Zoeva is another hot favourite with our Shoppers and Hakuhodo from Japan has high-quality animal hair brushes which will prove to be a great investment. And if you’re just starting out on your beauty journey, Real Techniques and ELF makeup brushes are perfect for Shoppers on a budget!


5) A handy glass water bottle


Turning 30 also means that your skin isn’t going to stay taut, firm and constantly hydrated even after late night shenanigans. While skin maturity isn’t always proportional to your age, staying hydrated at all times is a major factor in looking young. Invest in a glass water bottle that looks good enough to be an accessory in your bag. The upside is that you get to save and not constantly buy disposable water bottles when you’re feeling thirsty while on-the-go (extra brownie points go to saving the environment too!) Brands to go for include Takeya and bkr from USA, and Maumstore from Korea.


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