Best Chinese New Year Snacks from Singapore


As you can tell from our recent blog posts, we’re prepping for the Lunar New Year rather aptly with a compilation of food-related lists across all countries. Whether it is droolworthy Hong Kong pineapple tarts or unique Japanese savoury snacks, we can’t guarantee that drooling is optional as you pore over these guides.

Today’s snack guide is all about all the popular food options (both sweet and savoury) that Chinese families in Southeast Asia offer to their guests during Chinese New Year. If you ever find yourself lucky enough to visit a Singaporean (or even Malaysian) during this festive period, brace yourself for a generous spread of snacks akin to a buffet table. Here are our top 8 favourite Chinese New Year snacks from Singapore that you can also ShopandBox to try out for yourself:

Best Chinese New Year Snacks from Singapore1

  1. Kuih Bangkit, SGD14.8, + Add To Wishlist:
    Kuih Bangkit, also known as tapioca/coconut cookies, literally melt in your mouth the moment you pop one in. These cookies are crumbly and made with sago/arrowroot, with an uncanny trait of melting into powdery goodness—before you know it, you’re down to half a jar.
  2. Sugee Cookies, SGD15, + Add To Wishlist:
    Ever tried snacks that are savoury and sweet at the same time, yet with a buttery goodness unparalleled to any other cookie you’ve tried? Yup, that’s pretty much what these unassuming cookies encapsulate.
  3. Green Pea Cookies, SGD19.6, + Add To Wishlist:
    These are made with roasted green peas grounded into flour. It only requires four other ingredients and is a healthy addition to your food list if you’d like to binge without feeling the guilt.
  4. Bo Lo Pineapple Tart, SGD10.8, + Add To Wishlist:
    This tart is pretty much the most popular and ubiquitous snack souvenir to gift friends and family during Chinese New Year. You can’t go wrong with pineapple tarts—essentially pineapple jam filling within or placed atop a buttery pastry.Best Chinese New Year Snacks from Singapore
  5. Tapioca Chips, SGD6, + Add To Wishlist:
    These chips are probably more addictive than your average Pringles. The more popular variety would be arrowroot chips, and what makes it so delectable is the subtle grainy texture that’s similar to potatoes. It usually comes in thicker slices too for added bite.
  6. Peanut Cookies, SGD22, + Add To Wishlist:
    Another Chinese New Year snack spread requisite is definitely a jar of peanut cookies. Made with ground peanuts, cooking oil, butter, and powdered sugar, the crumbly texture is wonderfully nutty to snack on.
  7. Pork Floss Meringue, SGD10, + Add To Wishlist:
    This isn’t a traditional go-to snack like the above mentioned, but deserves credit for its unique East meets West inspiration. This snack consists of pork floss rolled up and filled inside French meringue, leaving a savoury bite with hints of vanilla and almond towards the end.
  8. Love Letters, SGD17.8, + Add To Wishlist:
    Yes, we’d gladly write love letters to whoever created this flaky rolls of awesomeness. Love letters are thin wafer discs made from coconut and egg. This snack requires a level of skill to bake, and really excellent love letters are crispy and flaky to boot.


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