Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands On Dr. Pepper x Final Fantasy XIV

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If you’re either 1) an avid Final Fantasy enthusiast and/or 2) a Dr. Pepper fan and/or both — read on to find out what may be the collab of your dreams. You might have heard of Final Fantasy XIV’s latest merch that are country-specific including Japan and North America. But this time around, the MMORPG is collaborating with American soft drink company Dr. Pepper on exclusive cans emblazoned with Mogs.

You can only score these exclusively from Germany, but here is why you would want to get your hands on them. All the cans have codes within, and if you collect a total of 24 Dr. Pepper Action Codes, you can get three exclusive Final Fantasy XIV in-game items. This promo is running now until 31 December 2017, and there are also raffle winnings such as a PlayStation 4 Pro up for grabs every week.



Similar to the an earlier promo this April in USA, this deal is only available in-stores in Germany. The best part? OurGerman Boxers are available to snap it up for you. As the stock of these Dr. Pepper cans is running low, get your fingers flying and submit your Orders to our Boxers ASAP. In-game items you can score with these action codes include an Eastern Journey Battle Staff, 50 Aetheryte Tickets, and a Flying Cumulus Mount among others.

In case you only want the codes and not the cans, we will arrange for the codes to be sent to you so you do not have to fork out money for international shipping for all the cans. Hit the “Add to Wishlist” link below and start ShopandBoxing!

Dr. Pepper x Final Fantasy XIV, Dr. Pepper, EUR38.16 (24 cans including code), + Add To Wishlist

Get started in less than 10 seconds here!

  1. Simply click on the ”Add To Wishlist” links above!
  2. This will automatically add the items into your ShopandBox wishlist after it prompts you to sign in/sign up.
  3. You can add as many items as you want into your wishlist (even items not mentioned above).
  4. Simply select the items you want bought, name your order, and hit the “Submit Order” button.
  5. A personal Boxer will be assigned to you and will help you buy all your coveted items.
  6. Your box of goodies gets shipped to your door in 1 – 3 days wherever you are in the world!
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