European Snack Guide: What We Love From France, Italy and Germany

snack guide europe

While our European counterparts aren’t huge on snacks, countries such as France, Germany and Italy have a handful of interesting food items that might appeal to your tastebuds. From excellent chocolate (France) to the most intense liquorice that’s an acquired taste (Germany), these pantry essentials are what you can explore to fill up your ShopandBox snack parcel:


Alain Ducasse Chocolate Discovery Box

snack guide europe

Chocolate Discovery BoxAlain Ducasse, EUR19, + Add To Wishlist: Indulge in good chocolate especially when you are ShopandBoxing from France. We recommend Alain Ducasse’s chocolate—all manufactured and made from scratch from its space in  Rue de la Roquette.


Fleur De Sel Salt

snack guide europe

Fleur De Sel SaltLe Guerandais, EUR21, + Add To Wishlist: While this might not fall under your regular ‘snack’ list, Fleur De Sel salt should still be in your list for a couple of reasons. Not a salt that you use in high temperatures, it is meant to be used over food as a sprinkle right before consumption. The mona lisa of salts is widely considered to be the most complex in flavour, with a saying that it ‘tastes like the ocean’. Perfect for gifting the foodies in your life.


Truffled Goose Foie Gras

snack guide europe

Truffled Goose Foie GrasLe Comptoir de la Gastronomie, from EUR20, + Add To Wishlist: There’s nothing quite luxurious as foie gras, but truffled goose foie gras takes the cake for its taste. This exceptional can from the established, century-old Parisian restaurant Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie, is one you absolutely need for your next dinner party.


Kouignette Amandes

snack guide europe

Kouignette AmandesMaison Georges Larnicol, EUR9, + Add To Wishlist: Curb your sweet tooth cravings with the Kouignette from Georges Larnicole, the bestselling product of the iconic French pastry house. Made with churned butter, it is crunchy on the edges and tender in the middle — delightful with a scoop of ice cream!



Biscotti Cantuccini

snack guide europe

Biscotti CantucciniChiostro di Saronno, EUR5.95, + Add To Wishlist: Nothing goes with a cup of espresso as well as biscotti. Our favourite is this brand from Tuscany, Italy whose Cantuccini (crunchy almond biscuits) are a well-known dessert that’s been around for generations.


Roasted Almond Nougat

snack guide europe

Roasted Almond NougatPico, EUR2.5, + Add To Wishlist: You can’t say you had a taste of Italy until you’ve tried their turrons — that is, almond nougats. This traditional confection is made from sugar, honey, egg white and tonnes of almonds for a crunchy texture and nutty taste.



Marzipan Stollen

snack guide europe

Marzipan Stollen, Niederegger, EUR22, + Add To Wishlist: One of Germany’s more traditional desserts is stollen, a fruit bread made of nuts, spices, dried or candied fruit, and is coated with sugar. The beauty of a stollen is that it tastes better with age, becoming exceptionally fragrant if you keep it well.


Katje Licorice

snack guide europe

Lakritz IntenseKatjes, EUR8.5, + Add To Wishlist: While this isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea, licorice is so popular in Germany that you can find an abundance of it in any supermarket candy aisle. This brand has one of the highest content of sweet berry extract at 22% and does not have any animal gelatin in it.


Ferrero Hanuta

snack guide europe

Ferrero Hanuta DoppelpackFerrero Hanuta, EUR9.9, + Add To Wishlist: Hearty, crispy, nutty — these hazelnut waffles are a delicious snack for anyone who loves Nutella or a sweet bite. Tip: Have it with a cup of steaming hot coffee.


Haribo Color Rado

snack guide europe

Haribo Color RadoHaribo, EUR11.97, + Add To Wishlist: Germany’s most popular candy brand has a plethora of awesome flavours that are exclusive to the country, and this large pack includes licorice, gummy bears, raspberries, and cute gummies in the shape of bats and frogs.


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