24 Under $10 Gift Ideas from Japan, Taiwan and Korea

under $10 gift ideas

Planning your holiday shopping just yet? For our Shoppers who are shopping on a budget this season, fret not! This ultimate gift guide will have your holiday gift shopping sorted out with under $10 gift ideas from Taiwan, Japan and Korea. All you have to do is add ’em to your orders and start ShopandBoxing with the help of our Boxers!


under $10 gift ideas taiwan

  1. Mandelic Acid Refining MaskNeogence, TWD289, + Add To Wishlist: Korea isn’t the only place to get good deals on face masks! Neogence’s Mandelic Acid Refining Mask is supposedly great to combat sebum, reduce pore size and refine skin texture.
  2. Hand Exfoliating MaskKilaDoll, TWD170, + Add To Wishlist: You’ve heard of face masks — but how about hand masks? Keep your hands in check with this exfoliating mask made from 100% wood pulp fiber.
  3. Pineapple PastryAmo Cakes, TWD250, + Add To Wishlist: Another thing that Taiwan is known for is its variety of pineapple tarts and pastries. One bestselling brand we like is Amo Cakes.
  4. Chocolate & Peanut Mochi CakeTzen, TWD200, + Add To Wishlist: If your receiver is a major foodie, Taiwan’s got a whole list of must-haves you can buy, including this peanut butter and soft mochi that is glazed with chocolate.
  5. Almond and Macadamia NougatCherry Grandpa, TWD300, + Add To Wishlist: Nougats are also the country’s expertise, with Grandpa Cherry leading the path as one of the more popular brands.
  6. Takoyaki PopcornMagiPlanet, TWD150, + Add To Wishlist: If normal, butter/caramel popcorn doesn’t read as interesting enough to you, up your popcorn game with this takoyaki flavoured version. Better yet, check out their other unique flavours here.
  7. Crisp Milk CandiesCake Nobel, TWD150, + Add To Wishlist: Ever heard of crisp, milk candies? CakeNobel’s favourites come in an assortment of flavours that are both classic and eclectic, from apple to cheese.
  8. Cranberry Milk PastryLe Lait, TWD230, + Add To Wishlist: Another go-to confectionary is Le Lait, with French inspired flavours for its pastries such as cranberry milk.



under $10 gift ideas japan

  1. Rilakkuma × Kabuki Netsuke KeychainSan-X, JPY756, + Add To Wishlist: How cute is Rilakkuma in a kabuki costume? Gift this to anyone who’s a major fan of this lazy (but utterly cute) bear.
  2. Lupicia Tsushima Black TeaLupicia, JPY900, + Add To Wishlist: Known for more than 400 varieties of tea in its inventory from across the world, Lupicia is your one-stop for any tea lover.
  3. Plush Stuffed AnimalSuper Motochi, JPY950, + Add To Wishlist: In case you thought that stuffed toys are pricey gifts that aren’t worth it, this ultra cute plushie will change your mind in a sec. Best part? It’s only USD8.4 (after conversion)!
  4. Premium Golden Jelly Mask with Hyaluronic AcidUtena, JPY1,123, + Add To Wishlist: Did you know that Utena’s mask has a whopping 33grams of golden jelly goodness? Filled with good stuff such as amino acids and ceramides, the hyaluronic acid also helps moisturise your skin for that radiant glow.
  5. Kurumi Walnut CakesKamakura Beniya, JPY702, + Add To Wishlist: You probably wouldn’t find any other walnut cakes as good as these from Kamakura Beniya. It is slightly different from the Korean counterparts that have red bean paste filling within.
  6. Cranberry Almond KitKatKitKat, JPY398, + Add To Wishlist: An easy gift for any sweet tooth is a bag of KitKat chocolate wafer bars. We’re digging the new-season cranberry almond flavour.
  7. Instant RamenIppudo, JPY594, + Add To Wishlist: Want to try Michelin-star winning ramen without breaking the bank? Now you can with merely JPY600! Score Ippudo’s bestselling ramen in this hot cup for a hearty supper.
  8. Kyoto Uji Tea Matcha Rice CrackerItohkyuemon, JPY1,123, + Add To Wishlist: Inspired by a traditional Japanese dessert, this rice crackers impart the flavour and aroma of green tea and has a crispy and crunchy texture.



under $10 gift ideas Korea

  1. Funky Pouch, Wiggle Wiggle, KRW10,800, + Add To Wishlist: This fun pouch would be a great addition for anyone’s makeup stash or even work station.
  2. BookmarkSalida, KRW8,500, + Add To Wishlist: A quaint knick-knack to gift your friend who happens to be a voracious reader.
  3. Lint RollerLine Friends, KRW10,900, + Add To Wishlist: While this might break the bank (slightly!), we can’t get over how cute it is as a lint roller. Can you tell who’s our favourite character from Line Friends?
  4. Memo PadsRihoon, KRW3,000, + Add To Wishlist: Another foolproof gift that you definitely can’t go wrong with is this handy memo pad to jot down reminders, events and more.
  5. Wall Deco PostcardDear Maison, KRW4,600, + Add To Wishlist: Decorate that blank wall in your abode with these modern postcards from Dear Maison that would make your corner Insta-worthy in no time.
  6. Jeju Island Green Tea Chocolate BarOsulloc, KRW5,950, + Add To Wishlist: If you like Osulloc’s green tea milk spread, you’d love their chocolate bars that are an indulgent treat for in-between meals.
  7. Marron JamIn Season, KRW10,000, + Add To Wishlist: Chestnut pastes are a wonder to be eaten—eat it with a pint of ice cream, or make brownies and cake with it. You can also up the ante by stirring it with whipped cream for a light, chestnut mousse.
  8. Sweet Pudding Milk CustardPetitzel, KRW1,750, + Add To Wishlist: A hit with our Shoppers, this sweet pudding is a must-score for any candy lover or dessert diehard. It comes in various flavours such as Honey & Creme Blanche, Caramel Milk & Egg, and more.


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