The Most Interesting Things Shoppers Have Bought from Taiwan

With over 30 Boxer countries scattered across the globe, it isn’t difficult to spot purchasing trends from the wishlists of our Shoppers. Among the list of interesting things we found from our Shoppers who ShopandBox from Taiwan include a peelable nail gel that dries under five minutes (yes, it exists), decadent candies that are both traditional and current, and a handful of beauty essentials that you can’t miss out on.

Below, ShopandBox and try out these eight interesting items we’ve picked from the shopping lists of our Shoppers:

Taiwan interesting things

  1. One Step Peelable Nail GelMurron, TWD368, + Add To Wishlist:
    Ever wanted to achieve pretty nails but can’t be bothered with a two-hour long manipedi session? This nail gel from Murron claims to do solve that unbearably long wait time: Apply the nail gel, pop it under the UV light helmet-like device, wait for five minutes, and voila—perfectly painted nails that you can even peel off whenever you feel like switching up your nail colours.
  2. Seventeen/17 Hits – Exclusive Edition, Warner, TWD488, + Add To Wishlist: If you’re a major K-pop fan who is into collectibles, Korea isn’t the only place that you can get your hands on for albums and one-off records. Taiwan offers an extensive range of exclusive albums that you might not find in your country, and is easily ShopandBox too!
  3. Milk CakeLi Yi Sun, TWD100, + Add To Wishlist: You can’t say you’ve gone (virtually or otherwise) to Taiwan unless you’ve checked out the drool-worthy range of cakes/pastries they have. Li Yi Sun’s pineapple pastries are bestsellers in their own right, but try out their milk cakes for an unconventional twist—the insides contain creamy milk filling that are too decadent to pass up on.
  4. Dragon’s beard candy, Dragon Beard, TWD50, + Add To Wishlist: Those who are fans of cotton candy would love the Taiwanese version that’s also widely known as Dragon’s beard candy—named aptly for its cocoon-like appearance. Similar to the Western counterparts, Dragon’s beard candy is a traditional sweet made from sugar and occasionally includes fillings such as peanut, sesame and ginger.
  5. Tsum Tsum shoes, Grace Gift, TWD1,680, + Add To Wishlist: Disney fans, this one’s for you. Taiwanese fashion brand Grace Gift’s collab with Disney’s Tsum Tsum has culminated in a collection of shoes with adorable motifs, from moccasins and boots to sneakers and espadrilles. Our favourite has gotta be these slip-ons emblazoned with the Lots-o-Huggin Pink Bear face from Toy Story 3—cute is probably an understatement.
  6. Magic StoneAprilSkin, TWD199, + Add To Wishlist: Yes, you can now get Korea’s most-raved about soap bar from Taiwan. AprilSkin’s Magic Stone is reportedly the best way you can cleanse and remove makeup without tugging your skin, thus preventing fine lines and sagging. We suggest Refinery29‘s review for an in-depth read.
  7. Yakult Sweets, Yakult, TWD25, + Add To Wishlist: Everybody’s favourite probiotic drink Yakult also has yummy gummies if you enjoy snacking on something sweet without overdosing on the sugar—think yogurt candy, but more addictive!
  8. Jill Stuart Lip BlossomJill Stuart, TWD699, + Add To Wishlist: Popular for its pretty and feminine designs and hues, makeup brand Jill Stuart usually has special releases only available for its target countries such as Taiwan and Japan. This gilded lipstick will make your vanity case look ultra posh, with a cap that can be pushed up to reveal a hidden mirror and “J” motif for a touch of luxe.


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