Guide to Submitting Your ShopandBox Orders During Cyber Monday

Now that you’ve read our in-depth post on what Black Friday/Cyber Monday is and why you should be prepping your Christmas wishlists in time for this period, here’s another comprehensive guide to getting your orders in so that our experienced Boxers will be able to get your items for you in time.

I have a list of items to get my hands on during Cyber Monday, how can I go about it using ShopandBox?

1. Go to our home page, and fill in the item name and category, along with where (USA), then hit “Find Me A Boxer”. This immediately means you have created an order and a Boxer will be assigned to you.

2. Continue adding items to your order (yes as many as you like, and from across stores is just fine too!) and give as many details as possible.

3. If you would like to know more about who our Boxers are and what their expertise with past orders, take a look at the “Browse Boxer” page.

4. All you have to do now is sit tight and wait for your Boxer to accept your order. Once he/she has done so, you will get to communicate in the message board beneath the order page regarding your order, so ask away all the burgeoning questions you have as they will be more than happy to assist you!

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When do I need to submit my orders by?

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday falls on 25 and 28 November respectively, we strongly suggest that you submit your orders right now so that our Boxers will have sufficient time to plan to get all your items, be it in-store or online. This is to facilitate their time management as they will be shopping for our other Shoppers as well. As we only have a limited number of Boxers available to shop during this period, it’s best to submit your order to your Boxer beforehand as they will not be able to fulfill any last minute orders or requests by Shoppers.

The earlier you submit your orders to our Boxers, the easier it is for you to continuously add on items later this week if anything else you stumble across online catches your eye.

When do I need to pay for Invoice 1?

You will need to make payment for Invoice 1 by the 24th of November for your Boxer to get your items for you. If you’ve made payment for Invoice 1 and would like to add more items into your order, feel free to create another one and your Boxer will consolidate both orders for you.

Your Boxer will only purchase your items for you during Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BF/CM) once you have made payment for Invoice 1. Our Boxers will only take orders that have paid Invoice 1 on a first come first served basis.

All Shoppers must pay full price for items if the sale price is still unknown at Invoice 1 (cost of items) stage. The sale price will be taken into account at Invoice 2 (service fee + international shipping stage)  . We suggest that Shoppers communicate with Boxers regarding course of action in the event of Boxers not being able to secure items on sale price i.e. would you still want your Boxer to go ahead and purchase it or otherwise?

For more details, read our FAQ page.

What if I’ve paid for Invoice 1 (cost of items) for my order and my Boxer isn’t able to get my items?

ShopandBox will update the Invoice Difference in Invoice 2 within your order if your items were not obtained by our Boxer. This however does not include any refund of extra PayPal fees/charges that were incurred as these fees do not go to ShopandBox.

In the event of your Boxer paying more than what you have paid for the cost of your items, the Invoice Difference will be updated accordingly as well.

How do I maximize the international shipping fees for my order, if I only have very few items I’d like to get during BF/CM?

It’s probably almost impossible to only want to get a few products during BF/CM, but if you only have a few goodies that you really covet, take a look at our Pinterest and ShopandBoxDeals on Instagram for more the most updated sales and deals. For other resources, read the rest of the posts on our blog or check out what other Shoppers are buying from the US as well.

Why? This is so you can make full use of the international shipping fees that you’ll be forking out for this ShopandBox order. For example, if you only planned to get five lipsticks but you are already paying for a 500g parcel (the minimum), why not go for an extra 10 more to fill up the empty space in your parcel, or even an eyeshadow quad or mascaras?

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