Fashion 101: All you need to know about the ‘Hanbok’

In the past year, there has been an onslaught of modernized variations of the Korean traditional dress, culminating in what we know now as the “daily hanbok” trend. Independent brands are spotted tweaking the silhouettes and fabrics to create hanbok pieces that are practical yet stylish for daily wear.

A woman’s hanbok consists of a top = “jeogori” and a wraparound skirt = “chima“. The modern take on chima is now half the length from the traditional ones and come in all sorts of fabrics that exude a younger and quirkier aesthetic.

If you are looking for an outfit for a day around in the city, night out with the girls or something matchy to wear with your better half, these hanbok brands are definitely up your alley. Here are a few brands should you consider picking out one for yourself to wear!


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Also if you are planning to visit Seoul and planning on doing the palace walk, you can rent traditional hanboks from hanbok rental shops (link here) that caters to local and foreigners. The trend to rent has been mushrooming as of late with competitive hanbok prices that you allows you to rent for 4 to 24 hours – ample time to hit the palaces and hanok villages for that ultimate Instagram shot! The best part is that you’ll gain free access to the palaces if you don a hanbok.

Interested in incorporating this modernized take to your wardrobe? These are some of my personal picks that are perfect for mixing and matching:


1. Bloom Jeogori, Levent, 108,000won, + Add To Wishlist

2. Safari waist skirt, Levent, 119,000won, + Add To Wishlist

3. Denim hanbok dress, Levent, 185,000won, + Add To Wishlist

4. Quited vest, Jaju, 99,500won, + Add To Wishlist

5. Knotted shirt, Jaju, 99,500won, + Add To Wishlist

6. Plain pink jeogori, Leesle, 109,000won, + Add To Wishlist


Want to browse more Hanbok options?

Check out Levent for quirky prints and a sleek grown-up take on the ‘hanbok’ trend. A-olata has a great selection too with vintage-inspired options like this paisley printed set as well as bright modern pieces like this fun banana-printed dress. For a wide range spanning winter coats to options for the boys and modern easy-to-wear pieces, check out Leesle. For the minimilist who want to explore this trend yet retain a classic wardrobe, check out Dareawon is should be on your go-to list.


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