5 New Innovative Products To Make Everyday Life Easier

Innovative products

Whether it’s (trying your hardest to) wake up in the early morning or even remembering to wash all your makeup brushes, the littlest chores in life are sometimes the most difficult — and at times, an afterthought.

To make your life a little more efficient, why not invest in these five innovative products that will simplify your everyday life? We’ve compiled a list of gadget must-haves, including vacuum cleaner that can be synced to Amazon’s home gadget Alexa to a nifty food sensor that is a must-have for those who have food allergies.

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An automatic makeup brush cleaner

Innovative Products

SigMagic Scrub, Sigma Beauty, USD19, + Add To Wishlist: If you’re always forgetting to clean your makeup brush stash on a weekly basis, Sigma’s new SigMagic Scrub is your new lifesaver. Add water and brush cleanser to this gadget and let it do all the cleaning for your brushes. Even the toughest of foundation/pigment stains can be cleansed out, plus its microbial formula (sans harmful chemicals) helps to prevent bacteria growth in your brushes. Voila — hands-free, easy-peasy cleaning on-the-go!


A pair of adaptable smart headphones

Innovative Products

Nuraphone, Nuraphone, USD399, + Add To Wishlist: This award-winning headphones has a bunch of seriously impressive features that might blow your ears off. Touted as a “self-learning” engine that automatically learns and adapts to your hearing, it is able to pick up your hearing patterns within 60 seconds to create a unique hearing profile. Also, Nuraphone utilises Haptic Sense technology to give you an immersive sound experience — akin to you listening at a live performance or concert, but within the comfort of your home/office.


A self-charging robotic vacuum cleaner

Innovative Products

Deebot N97s Vacuum Cleaner, Evovacs, USD249.98, + Add To Wishlist: Cleaning your house won’t be that much of a chore with Deebot’s latest robotic vacuum cleaner. The N97S can be connected to Alexa via the Ecovacs app for you to customise, schedule and monitor your cleaning sessions. Its suction and wide-reach side brushes allow for a more efficient cleaning, and it has 1.7-hour battery life that can give you up to 100+ minutes of quiet cleaning. If you aren’t impressed, it’s equipped with a full set of anti-collision and anti-drop sensors so you don’t have to worry about your furniture (or Deebot) getting bruised in the process.


A hi-tech food sensor

Innovative Products

Food Sensor, Nima Sensor, USD289, + Add To Wishlist: Nima’s food sensors are innovative and a boon on any dining table. It boasts an antibody-based chemistry that was developed by MIT scientists to make it faster, cheaper, and usable right at the dinner table.  Those who have gluten and/or peanut allergies will find this gadget useful for dining out, especially. All you have to do is put a little food into the capsule, insert it into the sensor and hit “start”. In a few minutes, the sensor will let you know if it is gluten- or peanut-free or otherwise.


An alarm clock to make your mornings bearable

Innovative Products

Tea & Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock, Barisieur, USD385, + Add To Wishlist: Those who aren’t morning people would find this unique alarm clock right up their alley. No more hitting the ‘snooze’ button on your phone every five minutes with the Barisieur. An automatic coffee/tea brewer that’s the first of its kind, it wake you up with the sound of bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed caffeine of your choice. This alarm clock uses induction heating for a more efficient boiling time everyday, and is easy to use and safe to boot. Now what better way is there to wake up than with the delectable scent of coffee/tea wafting in your room?


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