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Did you know that the ubiquitous polo shirt that has now become a staple for sportsmen and women alike was created by René Lacoste back in 1933? The founder of eponymous label Lacoste is one to thank for inventing this smart casual staple of many men across the globe. Lacoste polo shirts are characterised by a fabric called petit piqué, made via a revolutionary knitting technique. What makes this fabric stand out at that time is its resilience, despite a lightweight and airy feel to it.

As Lacoste himself was a tennis player when he was younger, he wanted to invent a shirt that was wearable for tennis players. At that time, players only wore shirts with thick sleeves that aren’t the most functional. After collaborating with loose-knit fabric expert André Gillier, the first piqué cotton shirt was tested on Lacoste for freedom of movement and breathability.

Fast forward to 84 years later, the polo shirt has been reinterpreted by countless brands for a range of purposes. Whether worn with denim jeans, slacks, or shorts, it straddles the line between smart yet athletic-chic effortlessly. Celebrities who are fans of the Lacoste polo include Matt Bomer, Justin Theroux, and Joe Jonas—spotted below.


Photo by: Pinterest, CelebrityPix, UpscaleHype

While a multitude of brands offer polo shirts, none of them can compare to Lacoste’s iconic version. Sneak a peek on the online site and you’d find the Lacoste polo available in different materials (linen blend, cotton, polyester etc), fits (classic, slim, sport etc), colours and more. You can even monogram your initials on your favourite polo here.

Today’s price comparison is Lacoste’s new Made In France Slim Fit Polo Shirt that features a bright red technical zipper and a piped collar:

price comparison lacoste polo shirt

While this polo shirt is currently on sale online in USA and UK, the base price is the lowest in UK—at GBP66 vs. GBP87. Bear in mind that you get the best bang of your buck if you consolidate your parcel. So don’t miss out on major deals happening now on Lacoste’s site. Add it to your wishlist now and start ShopandBoxing for more savings*!

Men’s Made in France Slim Fit Zippered Polo Shirt, Lacoste, GBP66, + Add To Wishlist


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