#LocalGuide: 9 Must-Buy Things From Taipei

local guide taiwan

Next up in our local city guides — Taipei! In this week’s instalment, find out a list of things you can shop with the help of our Taiwan-based Shoppers below. We’ve included refreshing drinks, pork paper (a cooler variation of pork floss), and mostly nom-worthy snacks that you absolutely can’t miss out on. Add ’em now to your wishlist to get started!

Chun Cui He Coffee

local guide taiwan

Coffee, Chun Cui He, TWD28, + Add To Wishlist: This Taiwanese drink brand offers an assortment of flavours that could rival your local canned coffee label. We’re talking a whopping 19 flavours for its coffee, milk tea, and regular tea categories ranging from rose milk tea and matcha latte to sumiyaki and black mix oolong. The best part? It’s affordable enough for you to stock up on this for days.


Sugar & Spice Matcha Nougat

local guide taiwan

Matcha Nougat, Sugar & Spice, TWD820, + Add To Wishlist: Nougats are a great souvenir to gift, especially nougats from Taiwan’s finest confectioners. Sugar & Spice is a popular brand to go for if you are looking for a variety of flavours to try out. Their bestselling flavours include matcha, strawberry, and the classic French nougat. But opt for unique flavours such as tequila and oat if you’re feeling adventurous. They also offer a wide range of gift boxes for most occasions such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.


Vigorkobo Midsummer Double Fruit

local guide taiwan

Midsummer Double Fruit, Vigorkobo, TWD380, + Add To Wishlist: Another beautifully-packaged sweet treat that works well as souvenirs is pineapple pastries. Taiwan is known for these fruity morsels of delight and we can understand why: A good pineapple pastry is fragrant, holds a generous amount of pineapple jam filling, and has a melt-in-your-mouth pastry that crumbles with each bite. Vigorkobo’s a go-to brand if you’re keen on these treats, plus how can we resist that super cute packaging?


Kuaiche Shop Pork Paper

local guide taiwan

Pork Paper, Kuaiche, TWD120, + Add To Wishlist: If you like pork floss and jerky but looking for a snack/bite-sized alternative, try Taiwan’s latest offering: pork paper! Thinly shaped like potato chips, these pork sheets often come with almonds and dried apples, allowing for a delectable crunch. It’s super addictive too so we recommend scoring more than just one pack in case your first pack gets snapped up with a day.


Dr Douxi Cosmetics

local guide taiwan

Egg Shell Revitalising and Lifting Veil, Dr Douxi, TWD990, + Add To Wishlist: Taipei is one city you can’t miss out on when it comes to cosmetics shopping. Taiwanese beauty brands are pretty popular too (next to their Japanese/Korean counterparts), and one of our favourites is local brand Dr. Douxi. It is is most known for its Egg Shell Revitalising & Lifting Veil — a peel-off mask that calms and brightens skin with a host of anti-ageing benefits.


Kissui Moisture Ampoule Mask

local guide taiwan

Ampoule Mask, Kissui, TWD379, + Add To Wishlist: Facial masks are also Taiwan’s forte in case you were interested in exploring the local beauty brands here. One of our favourites is Kissui that has ampoule masks targeted for different skin types. Expect instant moisture after a few times of slapping this translucent, super thin mask on — a handy must-have for when you’re traveling.


Tseng Kee Mochi Gift Box

local guide taiwan

Mochi Gift Box, Tseng Kee, TWD199, + Add To Wishlist: Did you know that Japan’s not the only country that is known for mochi? Taiwan also has a tradition of savouring mochi (or muaji in Hakka) for wedding banquets, and while it’s typically consumed with peanuts, other variations are popular now too, such as chocolate coated ones from Tseng Kee.


Wei Dan Chicken Noodles

local guide taiwan

Chicken Noodles, Wei Dan, TWD77, + Add To Wishlist: Taiwanese take their instant noodles quite seriously — there’s even ramen websites dedicating top ten lists to Taiwan’s best ramen options (read here). And for good reason. The noodles from this country often come in unique flavours such as Sesame Oil Chicken With Rice Wine, Hot Pot Beef, and Sichuan Red Pepper.


YJS Milk Sun Biscuit

local guide taiwan

Milk Sun Biscuit, YJS, TWD115, + Add To Wishlist: Apart from pineapple pastries, milk sun biscuits are a popular food to gift during special occasions. These biscuits come with a flaky crust and a maltose filling within, and is usually gifted/eaten during occasions such as wedding, the New Year and the like.


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Featured image: Vigorkobo

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