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Toiletry Pouch

Ever had days where you find that carrying a handbag is far too troublesome, yet a tote bag reads excessively bulky? For times like these when you need an in-between, why not go for a handy pouch that looks good and is able to fit only your essentials?

For this week’s Price Comparison series, we shine light on Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 15 — a fun-sized, practical accessory that you can use for various occasions. Available in three sizes, the Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 15 is more than meets the eye. Whether you need it store toiletries in for your travels, or to lug it around as a fashion statement, this one has a timeless design that makes it a classic in your closet.

louis vuitton toiletry pouch

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This Toiletry Pouch 15 measures up to 5.9 by 3.9 by 1.6 inches — enough to store what you need on a daily basis without weighing a tonne. The design is simplistic to boot: Canvas in the house’s iconic monogram, along with a golden brass zip closure with a leather tab. In case you stain it, fret not as it has a washable lining and gusset sides for ease of use.

toiletry pouch

Image credits to Emily Ann Gemma and Kyrzayda Rodriguez

In case you were wondering how to style this pouch, take it from day to night in jeans and add a pair of heels for good measure. Take a leaf out of these chic bloggers’ books on how you can pull off the pouch with panache.

If your’e interested in getting the Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 15, we give you one good reason to ShopandBox it from France below.

Toiletry Pouch

As you can see, ShopandBoxing it from France saves you almost USD100* if you are residing in Hong Kong. For our Shoppers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan, score this beauty alongside other luxury goods (such as Louis Vuitton’s Palm Springs Backpack) to make your shipping fees more worthwhile!

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Featured image: Emily Ann Gemma
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