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No weekly beauty pampering session is replete without a soak in the tub, whether with a glass of wine, a book or both at the same time. And when it comes to bubble baths, we can’t think of a better brand than Lush that has an extensive range of utterly indulgent bath bombs, bubble bars and more.

Lush is perhaps one of the few cosmetics retailer that offers completely handmade, vegan, and almost preservative-free products—not to mention, cruelty-free as well. But if you thought that the brand is only well-known for its fizz-tastic bath products, you might be up for a treat as you read on.

We recently discovered that a handful of our Shoppers have ShopandBoxed Lush products from Japan. Upon checking out what they’re adding to their shopping lists, it turns out that Lush Japan occasionally has exclusive products that aren’t available in other countries.

Alongside that, Lush Kitchen in Japan re-releases products that have been introduced years ago (even in the UK). So if you missed out on items such as the Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar, Lush Japan is your go-to. Another reason why you should ShopandBox from the Japanese counterparts is because you won’t have to encounter the OOS (out-of-stock) dilemma as you would from the Lush UK store. Lush Japan is likely more well-stocked than Lush UK or USA.

ShopandBox top picks from Lush Japan now:

Lush Japan

In case you were wondering what our Shoppers have been getting their hands on, the purple Roller Bombs are pretty popular—it is made with fair-trade organic cacao butter and comes with a fruity floral fragrance. Perfume wise, these two are only available in the Japan store: the patchouli-based Relentless perfume  notes of grapefruit and tonka bean, and the Icon scent, a woody olfactory expression with notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, and myrrh.

If you’re looking to get a gift for somebody special, Lush Japan’s gifts are worth checking out as well. The Takeaway set includes two soap bars (Bohemian and Outback Mate) knot-wrapped with a fabric made of Tokushima bamboo, a sustainable material the Japanese have used for decades.

  1. Roller Bomb, Lush, JPY750, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Rentless Fragrance, Lush, JPY3,680, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Happy Mother’s Day Gift, Lush, JPY12,600, + Add To Wishlist
  4. Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar, Lush, JPY790, + Add To Wishlist
  5. Bubble Grub, Lush, JPY790, + Add To Wishlist
  6. Love Love Love Solid Scrub, Lush, JPY1,160, + Add To Wishlist
  7. Toucan Love, Lush, JPY500, + Add To Wishlist
  8. Takeaway Gift Set, Lush, JPY1,630, + Add To Wishlist

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Featured image: Lush Japan

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