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That one winter jacket that is perhaps the biggest competitor to Moncler is the ultra luxe, coyote-fur trimmed coat with four different types of down filled inside it to keep you warm. Introducing Canada Goose—the most popular winter coat since the advent of down jackets.

Made popular by a number of factors from Kate Upton’s very suggestive Sports Illustrated cover to Daniel Craig’s ensemble during his Spectre promo, Canada Goose jackets are the next best puffer jackets you need if you’re out to get a fashionable and functional one for your winter getaways. No one can miss the signature two-inch patch on the left sleeve when you’re sporting this as a fashion statement and to keep yourself from freezing.


This celeb-approved brand only recently gained popularity in 2014-15 and has been around since 1957. Throughout the years, it gained its solid reputation as a trusty winter wear brand after making coats for cops and park rangers in Canada—its jackets are a practically a staple for US Antarctic Program researchers and film crews shooting in abysmally cold places as well. Spot actress Emma Stone and model Erin Heatherton pulling off their Canada Goose jackets perfectly in the dead of winter.

But what is it about Canada Goose jackets that makes it reputable? The answers lies in its signature four-type down blend contains Hutterite, the softest and warmest part of the quill; and its coyote fur hood lining serves as a perfectly natural windbreak for cold winds that might just numb your face out.

If you’re interested in ShopandBoxing Canada Goose’s chic parka jackets to keep yourself cosy and warm for the coming winter, get your hands on it for the lowest price in its founding country below:


The brand’s most popular and iconic jacket, the ‘Expedition’ parka was created originally for scientists in Antarctica and is catered for both men and women. It is designed to withstand frigid temperatures at even -30°C and below, and also includes features such as an insulated windguard and heavy-duty, rib-knit cuffs to keep out the cold.

Our Shoppers who come from Hong Kong, USA and UK should most definitely ShopandBox this classic parka from Canada for a good reason: You can save at least USD235 by getting it there, and the Canada store boasts a wider selection of products such as the HyBridge Lite Skirt and functional accessories to complement your winter getup. Add this to your wishlist now to have our Boxers ShopandBox this staple for you!


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*prices used are lowest base prices of Canada Goose ‘Expedition’ women’s parka and exclude GST, duties, or any other shipping, service, and PayPal fees Shoppers might be subjected to

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