Price Comparison: Le Creuset Cookware

We believe that there are a few things in life that one shouldn’t stinge on, whether a classic pair of heels, a timeless leather bag, or beauty products that can work wonders. Our price comparison this week features a highly important aspect of your home that you should well invest in as well: cookware!

Many of you might already know of this, but the classic French cookware pioneering brand Le Creuset has long dominated the cast-iron cookware scene. First producing its porcelain enamelled cast iron pots in 1925 from France, Le Creuset’s heritage is built around the characteristic of its design along with the hand-crafted techniques and process of manufacturing its cookware. The ‘Cocotte‘ (French Oven) was one of the first cast iron products to be produced, now available in a palette of bright hues, from Volcanic (orange) to Amethyst (a pastel purple).

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Why invest in a Le Creuset cast iron pot, you ask?

Simple: The weight of the lid and the pot is designed to spread heat evenly throughout the pot, thus keeping the steam and condensation within and allowing the flavour and nutrients of the original ingredients to bask. In simpler terms, the next sumptuous pot of stew you make is guaranteed to taste impeccable.

This week, we researched the prices across the globe to find out which country has the best offer for Le Creuset’s Round Dutch Oven in Amethyst (24cm) for you to ShopandBox easily:


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From France to Singapore:

Price: EUR 160
Service fee (14%): EUR 22
DHL fee (4.5kg): EUR 41
Total: EUR 223

Price of Le Creuset Round Dutch/French Oven (24cm) in Singapore: EUR 275 / You save: EUR 52!


From France to Malaysia:

Price: EUR 160
Service fee (10%): EUR 22
DHL fee (1kg): EUR 25
Total: EUR 207

Price of Le Creuset Round Dutch/French Oven (24cm) in Malaysia: EUR 267 / You save: EUR 60!

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*Prices are accurate as of 28/1/2015
**Prices compiled are of the lowest of the Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven in 24 cm regardless of colour and exclude GST, taxes, PayPal fees and other fees that Shoppers may be subjected to
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