Brand Spotlight: Gemma Sadler of Dynamic Pilates

Apart from Boxers who can lead us to the best buys in each city they’re residing in, our Shoppers have equally fascinating stories to tell, especially with their shopping hauls. One of our Shoppers we recently had is Shopper Gemma Sadler from Australia – and here’s a good reason why she’s featured this week: Gemma, along with her husband Ryan, recently ShopandBoxed Allegro Reformers for their pilates studio, Dynamic Pilates in Australia.

It’s not unusual to find ShopandBox orders that are lifestyle-related, even gear such as winter sports equipment and the like, but Gemma and Ryan’s haul was the first we’ve encountered that had pilates gear that our Shoppers can actually ShopandBox from USA to try out at home. Here we speak to Gemma on her recent shopping spree, being a pilates instructor and studio owner, and fitness tips to share with us:

1. How did you get into Pilates in the first place?

Pilates has always been a passion! When my now husband Ryan and I decided to leave the London life behind back in October of 2012 and return home to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I noticed there was a lack of Reformer and Barre Pilates Studios in my local neighbourhood and surrounding suburbs. On top of that the Reformer Studios I discovered were more rehabilitation in nature, where I wanted my style of Pilates to be run in small classes in a plush and intimate boutique studio environment, almost as though it was a group of friends working together in the one room, that’s the level of warmth I wanted. And so I went about resolving a gap in the market for consumer Pilates classes; I combined both Reformer and Barre under one roof.

I’m also motivated by helping specific clients suffering from permanent physical injuries and improving their mobility and quality of movement, right through to expecting mothers who need the essential awareness of what exactly their pelvic floor muscle is all about.


2. How did you end up opening your own studio and what year was the studio founded?

Every day Pilates motivates me and I get so much satisfaction ensuring my clients also experience the same. So when Ryan and I eventually made it back to Sydney, it was in August of 2013 that my love for Pilates and my vision to open a studio all came together with my first Studio opening in Manly, followed by my second Studio in Crows Nest opening in September of 2015 and most recently my third in Glebe opened in July of this year.

3. What is your favourite form of pilates?

I think Reformer Pilates is great because it helps improve your core strength, flexibility, breathing, along with enhancing your endurance and correcting your posture. But what Dynamic Pilates offer is different because we have three Reformer and Barre studios each that don’t just provide run of the mill classes, we pride ourselves in correcting the technique and alignment of clients to realise the benefits for each move they make.

4. What is your own fitness routine like?

Several years ago I trained five days a week, but since becoming a mum and juggling a business as well, my fitness routine has been reduced to 1-2 days per week.

5. Tell us more about your ShopandBox order?

I purchased Reformer Pilates machine equipment, Barre Pilates brackets and cast iron coat hooks – all for my new Glebe studio, and it looks fantastic! We found ShopandBox via Google and after chatting with the online help agent, we knew it was the best way to reach out to hard to deliver places, such as some stores in USA that do not generally deliver internationally. The service was second to none! Once we ordered it was a very easy process to follow with clear and concise communication on what was required and when I would be receiving my order.


6. Would you recommend using the Allegro Reformer for those practicing Pilates at home?

The Allegro is an advanced professional Studio Reformer and not well suited to home use.

7. Any tips or advice for Pilates beginners?

Stay focused, listen and learn, and don’t give up. After a handful of sessions you start to feel the benefits and before you know it you’re hooked!

8. What is your favourite café in Sydney or your favourite café to unwind at?

My husband and I love The Grounds of Alexandria for its incredible food and coffee, and it even has some cool markets and animal pen area for the kids.

9. Will you ever use ShopandBox again? 

Yes absolutely. We know exactly the place to come once when things arise on our wishlist – ShopandBox is perfect and we’re so lucky you exist!


Interested in ShopandBoxing the Allegro Reformer (+ Add To Wishlist) for your gym/studio if you’re an owner or entrepreneur like Gemma? Take a look at her order here and find out how you can furnish your studio with the latest equipment from USA without worrying about stores being unable to ship internationally!

And If you’re living in Sydney, be sure to pop by Dynamic Pilates for a workout session to train that core!


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