How to Save an Arm and a Leg When You ShopandBox Snacks from the US

Many of our Shoppers are fans of US snacks like Chips Ahoy cookies, Cheetos, Oreos (remember the time Aussie Brittneyleesaunders ShopandBox-ed 13 different Oreo flavours from the US?), and practically all of Trader Joe’s festive-flavoured snacks (pumpkin spice cookie butter anyone?).

While a box like this one below looks like the dream package to have the postman deliver right to your doorstep, it probably isn’t the best idea when it comes to making the most of your international shipping fees. For those who are curious, this box contains 21 items, weighing at 6kg. Despite the actual weight, you will be charged 8kg for shipping due to the size of the box/volumetric weight (read this post explaining the difference between volumetric weight and actual weight).

ShopandBox Food Box

The Dream Foodie Box! 6kg actual weight. 8kg volumetric weight.

How to Ensure that You Make the Most of your Shipping:

For our Shoppers who want to solve the dilemma of not paying more for your shipping than your snacks, the answer lies in consolidation!Β We already covered this topic last week, but we want to provide you with a better understanding of this process so that you get to buy the snacks that you are craving for, along with making full use of our personal shopping service.

As we’ve mentioned before, our Boxers all provide free consolidation. What does this mean? It means your Boxer is more than happy to shop across multiple stores for different items, so when you shop for snacks, there’s bound to be plenty of space to fill with small items like eyeliners, makeup, accessories and mini candles.

Take a look at the picture below to see an example of a successful, well-consolidated order:

Dream ShopandBox Consolidated Order



How To Consolidate and Make the Most of your Shipping

Here we have 30 items, 5 of which are snacks and food items. The entire box ends up weighing 4.4kg while the volumetric weight of the box is 5 kg. This means that you are paying the shipping fee for a 5kg box, which is definitely more palatable than paying for an 8kg box of snacks. Even better, this 5kg box consist of items for the entire family so no one can accuse you of being selfish this holiday season:

  • Classic American snacks
  • Items that are only available in the US: Colourpop makeup, EOS holiday collection lip balms, limited edition makeup such as Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow, etc
  • Items that are known to be cheaper in the US: Nike Flyknits, Bath and Body Works mini mason jar candles, etc

So Shoppers, while we’re all for shopandbox-ing whatever you desire, our aim is to help you optimize your shipping. Besides that, we do have fabulous DHL shipping rates which means your boxes get to you in 3 days so do check out the shipping calculator to find out how much you’ll end up paying for shipping (fees can go as low as USD 11 for 3-day door-to-door shipping from the US!).

And to get started on building your boxes, simply sign up for an account, add ANYTHING you want at all to your WISHLIST, and click SUBMIT ORDER to be assigned a Boxer who’ll be someone you like (if you like Oreos, they’ll like Oreos too, we promise you).

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