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For tea connoisseurs and caffeine enthusiasts, shopping for a high-quality tea leaves is a lot like shopping for luxury items – you don’t want to pay good money only to purchase sub-par quality products that might pass off as counterfeit. When it comes to Chinese tea, a great place to begin our search for good tea is Taiwan.

According to Boxer Yie Tze, one of the popular and well-known tea types that Shoppers can get is Dong Ding Oolong Tea.Β Literally translating to “Frozen Summit”, Dong Ding refers to the name of the mountain in Taiwan where teas are mostly cultivated at. Bought from the Wuyi Mountains in China’s Fujian province 150 years ago, Dong Ding is usually made up of three to four different leaves, all hand-picked and at times including a bud. The reason why this is of exceptional quality is due to its long process of cultivating: After going through withering, the leaves will then be tossed and bruised on large bamboo sheets, later on rolling to oxidise it. Dong Ding Oolong Tea has a naturally sweet aroma that’s fruity and floral, and is golden when brewed.

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Another top pick is Li Shan Oolong Tea. Grown inΒ the highest tea-growing regions in Taiwan (we’re talking a whopping 2600 meters!), it has a flowery and almost buttery finish to it, akin to a citrus fruit to some. Thanks to the altitude that it is grown in, Li Shan tea leaves grow slowly, resulting in large leaves which expand upon each time it steeps in your teapot.

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Last but not least, we did not want to forget the famed Goldfish tea bags from Charm Villa that we previously talked about here. These are a fun way to drink black tea or Oolong tea and guranteed to be the talking point of any party.

If you’re interested in acquiring either one of these teas from Taiwan, sign in/sign upΒ to ShopandBox now and create an order with Boxer Yie Tze. Or if you’re more of a foodie/snack person, check out our latest cookies and snacks guide from Hong Kong here. We can’t promise that there wouldn’t be any drooling over your screen within the next few minutes!

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