#Throwback: Where to Score The OG Compact, Polly Pocket

polly pocket

The ’90s is coming back in full force with the return of Polly Pocket — every girl’s favourite compact. When it first launched in 1989, it gave kids a whole new avenue to explore different worlds from their pocket. These ultra cute compacts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours that make it the best collectibles. From under-the-sea abodes to dreamy ski lodges, Polly Pocket’s pastel-hued compacts were the best way to play make believe without taking up a tonne of space.

polly pocket

Sadly, the original Polly Pocket compacts were discontinued back in 1998 after toy giant Mattel took over Bluebird Toys, upping the sizes of both the dolls and compacts. But we’ve got good news! Earlier this month, Mattel announced the relaunch of the awesome Polly Pocket toys at the New York Fair. This reboot marks approximately 20 years since Polly Pocket was discontinued — but better late than never, we say!

What to expect from this? This welcoming upgrade comes includes a two-story (yeap you read that right) house setting, a disco club setting, a tropical beach setting, and even Polly herself sporting an all-new hairdo. There’s even one that you can have Polly ride on an open-top limo.

polly pocketpolly pocket

So far, no confirmed dates have been announced for the relaunch. But according to Mattel, the new range will be released this June in US retailers. If you’re way too excited for this retro reboot, add ’em to your wishlists below to have our Boxers shop it for you from the USA!

ShopandBox Polly Pocket below:


polly pocket

  1. Pocket World 1, Polly Pocket, USD14.99, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Pocket World 2, Polly Pocket, USD14.99, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Pocket World 3, Polly Pocket, USD14.99, + Add To Wishlist


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Featured image: Polly Pocket

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