Top 3 Japanese Food Hall Must-Haves

If you haven’t heard of the wonderful thing that is Japanese food halls, it’s high time you do—and for good reason too. Its incredibly vast array of delectable foods (anything you envision that is absolutely Japanese, and we meaning delicious and looking good/kawaii) will make you drool as you stroll by glancing at all the options. Food halls in Japan are usually food basements located at the underground of departmental stores (termed depachika), such as Isetan and Takashimaya in Shinjuku, and the oldest food hall Mitsukoshi in Ginza.

When we say that you can find anything you like in food halls, we do mean just about everything that comes to mind, from mochi and matcha desserts to famous sweets from patisseries that hail from France. Although some require refrigeration and aren’t meant to be shipped abroad, we managed to find our three favourite treats that you can actually ShopandBox from Japan!

Yoku Moku

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Yoku Moku has been selling Japanese cookies since the 1970s. A high-end confection brand for those who love sweet treats, its signature classic is the “Cigare” cookie roll (+ Add To Wishlist) that is made with high-quality butter from Hokkaido, coupled with egg white, white sugar and flour and shaped into a cigar form. Yoku Moku also offers an assortment of other goodies, including shortbread cookies topped with macadamia, butter cookies with almond slivers, and the “Cigare” in Darjeeling and Earl Grey milk tea flavours.


Shiseido Parlour

Shiseido Parlour Cheesecake

Another place we dropped by during our recent trip to Tokyo is Shiseido Parlour Shop which is more of a full-fledged brick-and-mortar restaurant than a food hall. If you’re vying to get cosmetics from the iconic Japanese cosmetics brand’s Parlour Shop, you’d be up for a pleasant surprise – it has been serving food for a whopping 114 years! Each floor is designed with a different concept in mind, and its decadent cakes are usually customers’ favourites. ShopandBox their popular, beautifully packaged petite cheesecake (+ Add To Wishlist) that’s perfect for a gift! Our Boxers are able to get seasonal products (such as cherry blossom cheesecake) and other cookies/gift sets if necessary.


Sadaharu Aoki


Sadaharu Aoki is to Japan what Pierre Hermé and Ladurée is to France. Founder and Chef patissier Sadaharu Aoki is famed for creating visually appealing French confections that include Japanese influences. Case in point, sakura eclairs, wasabi chocolate, matcha croissants – you get the (mouth-watering) gist. Sadaharu Aoki’s macarons (+ Add To Wishlist) are available in a variety of fun Japanese-inspired flavours such as houjicha, green tea, black sesame, yuzu etc.

Feel free to let your Boxers curate your Japan food hall order for you if you’d like! If your preference is all things sweet and indulgent, or even savoury and satisfying, be sure to tell your Boxer as he/she will fill you in on all the drool-inducing goodies available in these stores.


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