Top Japanese Supermarket Snacks You Must Try

You can’t possibly talk about Japan and not discuss its amazing variety of food. While ShopandBoxing a platter of fresh-from-the-sea sashimi is out of the question when you’re having a serious bout of Japanese food cravings, don’t forget that there are a huge range of snacks out there such as multi-flavoured KitKat and Pocky that you can get your hands (and tastebuds) on.

Another reason for you to ShopandBox snacks from Japan? It is a great way to fill your box up to 1) try a bunch of different goods out, and 2) make the most out of your international shipping fees. With the help of our Boxers from Japan, we take on Japanese supermarket and food hall shopping and find out what you can potentially ShopandBox:

Morinaga Bake Chocolate Pieces : Fans of dark chocolate, this amazing snack features a crispy outside and a soft, melt-in-your-mouth inside.



Avocado Chips : We love avocado and all its sweet and savoury uses, especially these avocado chips that deserve a place on our snacks-to-have list.



Japanese Baked KitKat: Pop this new flavour of KitKat in the oven for two minutes, and you’ll get a sweet chocolate biscuit comprising of a KitKat wafer in the middle and a decadent caramel sugar crust at the bottom of the bar.



Calbee Honey Chips : The honey chip craze in Asia is still ongoing, with the Japanese version available now in stores – this sweet buttery goodness in a bag is Calbee Honey Chips.



Assorted tea: From Soba tea to matcha powder, to hojicha tea, there is no shortage of high quality yet pocket friendly options on the shelves. Ask your Japanese Boxer to pick their favourite for you to try!



Calpis Marshmallows and a variety of cookies: If you don’t know what Calpis is, it’s the Yakult-flavoured drink from Japan that has an acidic tang to it. Try out Calpis-flavoured marshmallows for an indulgent twist this time around! It’s soft and fluffy on the outside and has a runny centre when you bite into it. The Chocolate biscuits (see below) are also a hot favourite with our Boxers and they come individually packaged. With the Oreo bar, this was a lucky discovery as they’re not easily available but one bite is all it takes to make you an addict! Crispy yet not too sweet, this is a power bar that gives you energy yet tastes delicious!



Melon flavoured Pocky : This is one flavour you can’t find anywhere else, so ShopandBox a stash of this now for our Boxers to get it for you (so you can have bragging rights as well!)

Melon flavoured Pocky


Yuzu Salad Dressing : So this doesn’t fit the Japanese snack bill that we’ve listed above, but chuck in a jar of Yuzu salad dressing in your ShopandBox haul to switch up your salad game. In fact, yuzu lovers, you will adore the Japanese supermarket because there are sections filled to the brim with yuzu everything – think Yuzu vinegar, Yuzu salad dressing. Yuzu juice.



All these snacks are incredibly affordable, which nothing more than USD5. But here’s an insider’s tip: The best way you can actually do a snack haul with ShopandBox is to give your Boxer a USD50 budget and tell him/her to surprise you! Find out what else you can ShopandBox from the wonderful land of Japan, from fun stationery and home goods at LOFT to the best deals on beauty products at discounted pharmacies.


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