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If I have to be honest, taste is a truly subjective matter and there are one too many Korean trends to keep track of, not to mention many more in the making to discover. But this week, allow me to share some of the items (off the top of my head) that will still be in my shopping list come the bright New Year!


In Season

Photo credits to inseason

I would have given attention about ‘THE’ green tea milk spread again but I reckon it’s about time I left my comfort green tea zone to explore some other great spreads around — and this marron (chestnut) jam is just the spread you ought to get acquainted with. In Season is an independent brand that produces artisanal jams and sauces that are made fresh and impeccably well-packaged.

In Season Marron Jam, 10,000 KRW, + Add To Wishlist


Photo credits to osulloc

Osulloc is one of the biggest green tea producing companies in South Korea. One thing great about this brand is that they have an intensive list of tea flavours to choose from and this sampler set of 4 sachets would be ideal if you are new to their teas. Their packaging is top notch and a lot of people bring their teas home as souvenirs or home warming gifts for a fellow tea lover.

Osulloc Memory in Jeju Tea Set, 6,000 KRW, + Add To Wishlist

Honey Butter everything

Photo credits to homeplus

The honey butter trend has turned into a staple flavour here in South Korea, to no surprise! This flavour would appeal to all garlic lovers out there — yes, it is honey garlic almond you’re looking at. A hint of garlic aroma in every almond bite would make you a garlic/almond addict in no time!

Gilim Honey Garlic Almonds, 4,990 KRW, + Add To Wishlist



Photo credits to wishtrend

If you are looking for a skincare product to add to your beauty routine, you should consider this vitamin drops that works like an energising supplement for your skin. It contains concentrated pure Vitamin C and is gentle for even the most sensitive skin.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, 21,900 KRW, + Add To Wishlist

Pony Effect

Photo credits to Pony Effect

This is probably the most gorgeous set of brushes from K-beauty brand Pony Effect to date. This is a limited edition set that comes with 4 brushes: a powder brush, foundation brush, blending eye shadow brush and eye shadow brush. The best part is that they are magnetic—perfect for when you are outdoors and would like to minimise the chances of having your brushes contaminated.

Memebox Pony Effect Brush Kit, 40,500 KRW, + Add To Wishlist


Photo credits to cosrx

For nights when I’m too lazy to carry out a complete, 10-step skincare routine, I always reach out for my overnight mask and lather a thick layer over my face before calling it a night. This honey mask from Cosrx has 85% propolis extracts which is sufficient to soothe and hydrate your skin for the healthy glow in the morning—with much less effort!

Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask15,000 KRW, + Add To Wishlist


2017 Planners

Photo credits to oh lolly day

Is traveling in your resolution list this New Year? There’s nothing more handy than a neat pocket notebook to jot down your adventures and expenses. This travel planner offers organised sections to plan your trip carefully, and a design that’s ultimately sleek to boot.

Oh Lolly Day Travel Notebook, 5,500 KRW,  + Add To Wishlist

Utensils for breakfast in bed

Photo credits to coolenoughstudio

As per this brand’s rather apt name, this is indeed “cool enough” for your breakfast in bed. This set comes with the tray and three pieces of ceramics that make it a truly timeless pick.

Cool Enough Studios Food Tray Set, 38,000 KRW, + Add To Wishlist


Photo credits to Hanahzo

Hanahzo is a local handmade soap brand that is organic and oh so deliciously good looking! They have quite a number of choices to choose from, and one of their all time, best-selling soap is “Cacao Again” – a face and body soap. Hanahzo soaps are made by hand using a cold pressed method and later on cured for four weeks.

Hanahzo Cacao Again Face/Body Soap, 10,200 KRW, + Add To Wishlist


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