Price Comparison: SK-II Skincare Products

You know it’s time to start on anti-ageing products once you see fine lines and a smattering of brown spots across your face. But it isn’t the end of the world—you can make good choices when it comes to your beauty ritual, and that’s with the help of perhaps one of the most popular skincare brands out there: SK-II.

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The Japanese brand’s signature active ingredient, Pitera, has long been touted to be the essence to combat skin ageing. A clear liquid that is rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals, this ingredient was created to dramatically improving the skin’s natural rejuvenation process.

Our three favourite products from the brand are incidentally also their bestsellers: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (+ Add To Wishlist), Facial Treatment Eye Essence (+ Add To Wishlist), and Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (+ Add To Wishlist). Upon our journey to Matsumoto Kiyoshi (now our favourite drugstore in Japan!), we found that you Shoppers can actually ShopandBox SK-II products for less!

SKII all 3

With savings of up to JPY 7,000* on a total of these 3 items for our USA Shoppers, why not add these into your Japan ShopandBox haul to see if these anti-ageing properties can work wonders on your skin? According to our research, we found that the total cost of these 3 products in Japan is JPY 30,132.

Here’s how much the prices compare if you’re buying it from Singapore, Australia, or USA:

Price in Singapore: JPY 33,107
Savings when you ShopandBox from Japan: JPY2,975

Price in Australia: JPY 31,346.86
Savings when you ShopandBox from Japan: JPY 1,214.86

Price in USA: JPY 37,324
Savings when you ShopandBox from Japan: JPY 7,192

The best way you can save on your Japan ShopandBox haul is to pile on heaps of products from other stores, such as stationery and adorable interior knick-knacks from LOFT, innovative beauty products for less from Matsumoto Kiyoshi, or even indulgent snacks of all sorts (KitKats, Pocky, Honey Chips and more) all in one order! Let your Boxer know your budget and they will be delighted to ShopandBox for you oodles of surprise – after all, shopping in Japan should be all sorts of unpredictable and fascinating, no?


Get Started in less than 10 seconds:

  1. Simply click on the ”Add To Wishlist” links above!
  2. This will automatically add the items into your ShopandBox wishlist after it prompts you to sign in/sign up.
  3. You can add as many items as you want into your wishlist (even items not mentioned above).
  4. Once you’re ready, simply select the items you want bought, name your order, and hit the “Submit Order” button.
  5. You will be assigned a personal Boxer who will help you buy all your coveted items.
  6. Your box of goodies gets shipped to your door in 1 – 3 days wherever you are in the world!


*Prices do not include service fees, shipping fees and any extra PayPal/GST fees that Shoppers will be subjected to
**Prices are accurate as of February 11, 2016

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