Updated: Hong Kong Cookies to ShopandBox for Chinese New Year

It’s that time of the year again, when an abundance of cookies and snacks are exchanged between friends and family. You can’t deny that these snacks are perhaps the bane of our extra few pounds that we’ve gained throughout Chinese New Year.

But hey, it’s only once a year that you can indulge in crispy palmiers and pineapple jam tarts. If you’ve been craving some really awesome snacks from Hong Kong, you’re in time for a treat as we round up all the mouth-watering cookies, rolls, and savoury snacks you can ShopandBox. From local delicacies to the usual tourist hotspots, here’s where you can ShopandBox your Chinese New Year snack smorgasbord from:

For the cookie lover:


Cookie Quartet

Cookies Cookie Quartet

Image: Cookie Quartet

If you are a cookie lover but enjoy these treats with a slight twist such as chocolate-dipped strawberry jam filled ones, or even a healthy Five-Grain cookie, this brand is perfect for you. They also have Palmiers that blend Eastern and Western flavours such as shredded coconut with sesame—the ideal snack to go with tea!

Try: Cookies Quartet Assorted Palmier – Box+ Add To Wishlist


Blesscuit Bakery

Cookies Blesscuit-Bakery

Image: Blesscuit Bakery

Ever tried a “Blue Lobster” cookie made with local dried shrimp and premium Sakura shrimp? Get this limited edition flavour along with plenty of other nontraditional and traditional cookies i.e. smoked ham, truffle, butter, cookie that are wrapped prettily in colourful packaging from this brand.

Try: Blesscuit Bakery Anchovy Cookie+ Add To Wishlist


Kee Wah Bakery

Cookies Kee-Wah-Bakery

Image: Kee Wah Bakery

A traditional local favourite that offers more than 500 varieties of Chinese snacks and pastries, Boxer Eunice swears by Kee Wah Bakery’s Chinese New Year snacks, from puff pastries to handmade nougats.

Try: Kee Wah Almond Crisps and Palmiers Gift Box+ Add To Wishlist


Jenny’s Bakery

Cookies Jenny's-Bakery

Image: Daniel Food Diary

Find buttery and soft cookies that melt in your mouth from Jenny’s Bakery – these make the perfect Chinese New Year gifts and late night snacks.

Try: Jenny Bakery 4 Mix Butter Cookies (320g)+ Add To Wishlist


May’s Cookies


Image: May’s Cookies

This brand also has Valrhona chocolate dipped Palmiers for sweet tooths out there, or how about ShopandBoxing their assorted cookie box to try one of every flavour?


Chef Nic Cookies


Image: Chef Nic Cookies

Chef Nic Cookies by Nicolas Tse: The Hong Kong heartthrob has been making a scene in the F&B industry. His cookies sell out on a regular basis, if you didn’t know already, and 2017’s new flavours include chili, lemon, and ginger.

Try: Chef Nic Prawn Cracker Cookies+ Add To Wishlist


Wing Wah

Wing-Wah Cookies


Popular for its range of preserved meat and jerky, Wing Wah’s Wife Cakes (or Lou Poh Peng) are also well known for its flaky texture and decadent fillings, including white lotus paste, chestnut, and red bean paste.

Try: Wing Wah Sweet Flaky Pastry with White Lotus Paste+ Add To Wishlist


Lily’s Pastry

Lily's-Pastry Cookies

Image: Lily’s Pastry

A family-owned bakery that was founded in the 1970s, Lily’s Pastry’s variety of snacks might not be as extensive as the other mass marketed bakeries, but it stands out with a handful of signature cookies i.e. Coco Pop’s Flakes are delightful chocolate mounds of happiness, while cashew cookies are for those who prefer a nuttier bite.

Try: Lily’s Pastry Cashew Cookies+ Add To Wishlist


Hang Heung

Hang-Heung Cookies


One of the older bakeries in Hong Kong, Hang Heung has been around since the 1920s, and is most recognised for its Wife Cakes filled with wintermelon paste. It also sells mooncakes, egg rolls, and shortbread-based pastries such as pineapple tarts.

Try: Hang Heung Pineapple Tarts+ Add To Wishlist


For candy and beverages:

Lemon King: For those whose choice of snack includes sour, pickled varieties, go crazy with Lemon King’s preserved snacks such as dried plums, licorice lemon peel, and others (crunchy banana chips and cashews).

Dai Pai Dong Products: If you’re a fan of strong milk teas found at roadside stalls in the streets of Hong Kong, Dai Pai Dong’s instant 3-in-1 milk tea is now available for you to bring along and have a cuppa, wherever you go!


Have plenty more questions regarding the snack scene in Hong Kong? Holler out to your Boxer from Hong Kong for insiders tips and secret snack brands that you might not have heard of. ShopandBox your food haul today for it to be sent by Chinese New Year this January!


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