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Ever wondered what you can ShopandBox from Asia that you can’t find at wherever you are residing at? Take a look at all the Boxer countries within Asia that you can ShopandBox from, whether Japan or India!


Top Fold Korea
South Korea
Number of Boxers: 6
3 Must-buys: Makeup and skincare products to achieve that flawless K-beauty look (from animal face masks to products in a 7-step beauty routine), Honey Tong Tong chips, and beautiful marble desk accessories from Dear Maison

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Photo credits to @lipstickjunkieforever


Top Fold Japan
Number of Boxers: 7
3 Must-buys: Laduree cosmetics, a wide variety of KitKat flavours (dark chocolate orange, cream cheese, and more), and the cult favourite – Tokyo Banana!

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Top Fold TaiwanCountry: Taiwan
Number of Boxers: 1
3 Must-buys: MyBeautyDiary face masks, Charm Villa tea bags that resemble swimming goldfish, pineapple pastries

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Top Fold Malaysia
Number of Boxers: 1
2 Must-buys: Dior So Real sunglasses, locally designed apparel e.g.  Jonathan Liang, Khoon Hooi, Cassey Gan, and

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Top Fold Hongkong
Hong Kong
Number of Boxers: 4
3 Must-buys: Decadent pastries and cookies from Kee Wah, electronics/gadgets (Apple Watch & accessories), exclusive sneakers i.e. Nike Air Max Thea

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Top Fold Singapore
: Singapore
Number of Boxers: 2
2 Must-buys: Charles & Keith accessories, Starbucks x Moleskine planner (SG)

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Photo credits to @charleskeithofficial


Top Fold China
: China
Number of Boxers: 1
2 Must-buys: Sheet masks, Xiaomi accessories

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Top Fold India

: India
Number of Boxers: 1

2 Must-buys: Anokhi textiles including sundresses, cushion covers, scarves etc, Soundarya Radiance Cream

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Photo Credit: The Village Market


Top Fold Philippines
: Philippines
Number of Boxers: 1
2 Must-buys: Aranáz handbags and accessories, Imono jewellery

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Top Fold Thailand
: Thailand
Number of Boxers: 1
Must-buys: Local Thai designers and their fashion apparel: Disaya, Kloset, Sretsis

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