The Secret Makeup Brand That’s A Hit In Japan

Recently we spoke to our Japanese Boxers on makeup brands that locals love. Addiction had some popular votes (read more about it here) for good reason, but another Japanese heritage brand had some serious cheerleaders. Meet Koh Gen Do which was founded in 1986 by a Japanese actress with stressed out skin and who was after something natural, gentle and effective.


Koh Gen Do places  an emphasis on natural ingredients and also believes in using water from the Izumo Yumura Hot Springs and the sea of Bretagne in France. Now doesn’t that sound luxurious?! Whilst Koh Gen Do can be found in mainstream outlets like Sephora in the US, we’ve done the price comparisons and ShopandBox-ing these beautiful products with their iconic red packaging are most cost-effective when bought in Japan with the help of your Japanese Boxers. For instance, their popular Cleansing Spa Water 300ml costs 39 USD in the States versus 25 USD in Japan.

Koh Gen Do has 4 simple promises:

– No artificial fragrances
– No synthetic pigments
– No petroleum based mineral oil
– No animal testing

Top 5 Koh Gen Do Products that you need to ShopandBox –

Cleansing Spa Water
3,024 Yen (25 USD)
 +Add To Wishlist

If there is just ONE thing that you must try, it’s Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Spa Water. There are two options from Japan’s Koh Gen Do online store, a 300ml version and there’s also a wipe version if you’re after something spill-proof. This oil-free, alcohol-free makeup remover reminds us of another cult French pharmacy favourite, Bioderma Micellar Water, but honestly Koh Gen Do’s version triumphs. It’s gentle and scent-free and manages to wipe off every single trace of makeup in a couple of swipes. Best still, you don’t have to rinse your face after using this, perfect for the working professional who’s ready to hit the sack the minute she’s home.

moisture gel











All-In-One Moisture Gel
4,536 Yen (37 USD) +Add To Wishlist

This newcomer to the Koh Gen Do family is something you’re going to want in your skincare arsenal. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that provides intense hydration and doubles up as a facial treatment mask too. It contains their usual spa water from the purest hot springs and their special mix of T3 oils encompassing shea butter, jojoba oil and olive squalane.

Maifanshi Makeup Color Base (available in 4 colours)
3,888 Yen (37 USD) +Add to Wishlist

You can choose from 4 different primers depending on what you’re skincare concern you have. They go on smoothly and two small squirts of this primer are more than enough to give you face a gentle glow. Choose Green if you’re concerned about dullness and seeking a radiant and vibrant complexion. Go for Lavender Pink if you’re after eradicating a dull uneven skin tone and choose Yellow if you want to cover up pores and fine lines. Go for Pearl White if you want something neutral that adds a hint of glowiness  and ethereal translucency to your face.

Maifanshi Aqua Foundation
4,968 Yen (42 USD)
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This makes it to the list of HG foundations. It has a great selection of shades for all skin-tones, and 2-4 small pumps is all that it takes to cover your entire face. This foundation is light-weight, breathable and gives a dewy fresh finish. It hides pores and fine lines yet provides an easy medium coverage. It gives a ‘post-facial’ glow without you having to actually spend tons on a facial and it’s all natural ingredient list means you can rest easy about applying this daily. Just google and you’ll see why there are so many fans out there! Or check out these awesome reviews by Rocaille Writes and The Misty Mom.

KGD Foundation Starter Set

Foundation Starter Set

6,804 Yen (55 USD) +Add To Wishlist

This 4 piece foundation starter kit is a bargain as it contains all of Koh Gen Do’s must-trys including the Makeup Color Base and Moisture Foundation. It also includes a face powder and a mini kabuki brush which is great when you’re travelling. This set is limited to their online store.

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