16 Things You Can Buy to Reflect the Pantone Colours of the Year

This year’s Pantone colours are two light pastel shades that are soothing to the eye – a lovely balance to a stressful lifestyle. Rose quartz is a pretty pink hue that would look perfect as a blush/cheek tint, and Serenity is a cool refreshing blue that borderlines periwinkle.

“Serenity and Rose Quartz demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

What better way to channel some relaxing vibes to your 2016 than with these Pantone-coloured items that you can tote or wear in your everyday life? Pull on a true-blue pair of sneakers or tie if your Monday needs a perk-me-up, or put on some sprightly pink lipstick for a weekend out. Here are 16 items altogether for both men and women that are pastel-perfect:

Pantone Women


  1. My BKR Pout bottle (500ml), USD 35, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Sephora Modern Watercolors Eyes Palette, USD 39, + Add To Wishlist
  3. G-Shock ‘Ana-Digi’ Resin Watch – 49mm, USD 130, + Add To Wishlist
  4. Chevron Pattern Rose Quartz Serenity Ombre iPhone 6 Case, USD 41.95, + Add To Wishlist
  5. Keds for Kate Spade Triple Kick Swallow Sneakers, USD 85, + Add To Wishlist
  6. Makeup Forever Diamond Powder – Rose Pastel, USD 25, + Add To Wishlist
  7. Equipment Rhodes Silk Long-Sleeve Blouse – Periwinkle Blue, USD 83.30, + Add To Wishlist
  8. Sephora Color of the Year Layer Lipstick – Rose Quartz, USD 18, + Add To Wishlist


Pantone Men

  1. Pantone Serenity T-Shirt, USD 22.4, + Add To Wishlist
  2. Gucci Leather GG Card Case, EUR 150, + Add To Wishlist
  3. Ralph Lauren Featherweight Mesh Polo T-Shirt in Carmel Pink, USD 89.5, + Add To Wishlist
  4. Solo Jazz iPhone Case in Pantone Colours, USD 26, + Add To Wishlist
  5. Keurig® K250 brewing system (Serenity) and Double-Walled Ceramic Travel Mug (Rose Quartz), USD 130, + Add To Wishlist
  6. Brooks Brothers Oxford Stripe Bow Tie, USD 27.5, + Add To Wishlist
  7. Brioni Microcheck Silk Tie, USD 230, + Add To Wishlist
  8.  J.Crew Ludlow Shirt, USD 88, + Add To Wishlist

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