7 Best Japanese Stationery Stores You Can ShopandBox From

It’s not a surprise that Japan is well-known for its slew of stationery shops that span multiple storeys, offering a ton of choices for the stationery fanatic who loves nothing but washi tapes in all shapes, sizes and colours, or even customisable notebooks that will make perfect gift items. With the help of our very own Boxer Yumi who professes a love for stationery, toys and unique fashion, we rounded up seven must-see stationery stores in Japan. Whether you’re a beginner in washi tape collecting or a seasoned painter who loves exploring art supplies, you’ll find something from any of these shops below:

Traveler’s Factory in Nakameguro


Founded in 2006, Traveler’s Factory is located at a back alley in Nakameguro and was created with a vision to meet more people within the community and outside of it, while sharing the same passion for customisable notebooks and stationery. An unassuming paper processing factory as the dwellings, the simplistic atmosphere within is a testament to what you can find inside, from leather phone covers (JPY1,600) and keychains (JYP1,944) to Victorinox x Traveler’s Factory penknives (JPY3,000) that’s a handy traveling must-have. You can even find articles selected from around the world and books for travel from this stationery store.




One look at Bingoya’s blog and it’s clear that this artisanal stationery store specialises in traditional Japanese crafts such as pottery, kokeshi dolls, folk art and lacquerware. Famous for its technique-driven handmade papers that are decorated with traditional motifs, Bingoya is a great place to explore (virtually too) if you’re looking to get a a traditional Japanese gift that might serve as beautiful decorations. We spotted intricately crafted tea kettles, pretty ceramic plates, and even colourful animal ornaments.




Kyukyodo is probably the oldest incense store in Japan, first founded in 1663 by the Kumagai family (that is still running it) and having supplied incense to royalty back in the Edo period. Known for its luxury incense and calligraphy supplies such as brush heads (4), it also has a beautiful range of seasonal cards for occasions (1 and 2), washi notebooks and boxes, along with fragrance pouches (2) filled with its signature incense that you can toss in your closet or drawers for a pleasant lingering scent.




Artists who love nothing but to explore a huge variety of art supplies would love Bumpodo. Established back in 1887, Bumpodo prides itself on being the first specialty art store in Japan to manufacture and sell oil-based paints, but currently offers a wealth of supplies that any art lover would find useful i.e. sculpting and engraving tools (its copperplate engraving ink is a bestseller), “Clippie” paperclips that you can use over and over again without worrying about wear and tear. Even if you aren’t an art aficionado, take a look at its online store to find out creative tools you can use for everyday!

1. Nouvel Carre pastel set, JPY3,024, + Add To Wishlist

2. Stockmarr beeswax crayon sticks, JPY7,020, + Add To Wishlist

3. Stamp ink and stencil set, JPY2,160, + Add To Wishlist




Another art supply shop that would make painters and passionate creatives rather happy, is Gekkoso in Ginza. Established in 1917, Gekkoso is similar to Bumpodo but specialises in its brushes made from various animal hairs such as badger, horse and weasel; watercolour, gouache, and oil paints; along with its signature hand-bound sketchbooks that come in vivid covers. You can also find handy metal and leather cases to store your paintbrushes/stationery.

1. Aluminum paintbox, JPY17,366, + Add To Wishlist

2. Leather pencil case, JPY3,866, + Add To Wishlist

3. Gekkoso sketchbook, JPY448, + Add To Wishlist 




111-year old stationery store Ito-ya’s recently renovated 12-storey store in Ginza is most famous for a counter called “Note Couture” that allows you to create your very own bespoke writing pad there and then (at under JPY1,000 for a 60-page notebook)! Whether you want your pages or spiral binding in different hues or if you prefer lined and blank pages in one notebook simultaneously, Ito-ya has got it covered for you. All you have to do is let your Boxer know how to customise your notebook for you, and he/she will get it done in a jiffy! Ito-ya also has a wide selection of everything for your inner creative to shine, including washi tapes, Japanese dancing fans, and vintage barometers (from Barigo, no less!) that would make excellent gifts.

1. Washi tape, JPY270, + Add To Wishlist

2. Japanese bamboo fan, JPY4,320, + Add To Wishlist

3. Barigo barometer, JPY36,720, + Add To Wishlist




If you haven’t read our in-depth post on Shibuya’s seven-floor lifestyle chain store that is LOFT, you should and for good reason: You can find basically anything and everything from this amazing store, whether steam creams or kabuki face masks! LOFT is the perfect place to get gifts that are uniquely Japan, be it Pikachu folders and tote bags, Porter leather accessories, or an unbelievable array of washi tapes, paper clips, cards, and stickers.


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