Beauty Beat: Suchie from Blush Diaries Demonstrates a Festive-Ready Look

In our beauty beat this week, we speak to beauty influencer and blogger Suchismita, better known as Suchie from Davangere, India, whose blog (Blush Diaries) offers a wealth of beauty-related advice, including hacks, reviews, swatches, and tutorials for the makeup and skincare obsessed. One thing we’re loving about her variety of makeup looks on her Instagram handle is how in-depth her descriptions are — Suchie makes the effort to list all products used for each look, and even tidbits of reviews on new products in case you don’t have the time to trawl her blog.

Below, we had a quick chat with the beauty junkie on what’s one item she can’t resist adding to her beauty shelf along with fellow Insta-influencers to follow for perfect flatlays:

1. What is your daytime profession?

I am a doctor, and I also blog on the side.

2. Tell us how you became interested in makeup.

It’s a form of art, to put it simply, and art fascinates me. The best part about makeup is there are no rules – you can use it to be whoever you want to be and to bring out the best in your features.

3. What is one beauty item you can’t resist?

I’ve got a nude lipstick fetish. Boxer Anne (my go-to Boxer) would know! Plus I also really like blushes – a LOT.

4. How did you find out about ShopandBox?

A friend told me about this service and I can’t be more thankful as she saved me so much hassle.


 Suchie’s favourite products she has ShopandBox-ed from USA

5. How many times have you used ShopandBox and who is your go-to Boxer?

My fourth order is underway – Boxer Anne is working on it. I always shop with Anne because she’s a pro and extremely organized!

6. Why do you use ShopandBox?

It lets you access everything under one roof without having to fork out a ton of money. Plus it’s also the cheapest and most reliable option out there. Also, the new app is awesome – shopping globally made easy via your fingertips!

7. Do share a beauty secret with us. 

Okay, so my mum recommends using rose water as primer before applying your makeup. I’ve been doing this for a while now and it makes your makeup look dewy and fresh. Also, cold milk actually helps to remove makeup.

8. Whom do you follow on Instagram for great makeup tips and gorgeous flatlays?

There’s this amazing blogger called Neesha (@beautywithneesha) who also has a gorgeous blog. Her photos are sensational! There’s also Kennedy from @boldandsmoldering who takes the best photos with her phone and they look great!

9. What’s on your wishlist right now?

La Mer and By Terry makeup have been on my list for a while now.

10. Are you more of a makeup or skincare addict?

I think I’m a bit of both actually, although I tend to gravitate more towards makeup – lipsticks are my absolute favorite!

We never say no to makeup tutorials, especially when it’s a quick and easy guide to achieving a festive-ready makeup look, so watch Suchie demonstrate a party-worthy look that you can try on your own for all the end year festivities you’ll be hitting.


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