#Brexit: Is Shopping in the UK Cheaper Now?

Last Thursday, the UK’s vote to opt out from the European Union made history, along with triggering a chain of events on a global scale that was nothing short of extraordinary—Prime Minister David Cameron resigned, the value of the British pound dived to a 30-year low, and shares fell dramatically after opening on Friday.

But in terms of shopping and getting your money’s worth, what does #Brexit really mean to us Shoppers?

Firstly, the depreciating pound means that shopping from the UK is definitely cheaper now. For Malaysian Shoppers, a Burberry lightweight cashmere scarf would have cost you RM2,945 two weeks ago, but with the current exchange rate, you only need to fork out RM2,623—that is approximately RM322 in savings, and more if we’re talking about consolidating your package with a few luxury bags, shoes, and accessories. For Shoppers residing in Singapore, buying a Mulberry Bayswater Double Zip Tote from the UK would have cost you SGD3,000 two weeks ago, but now it will cost you SGD318 lesser!


If British brands don’t pique your fancy, you’ll be glad to know that you can even save by ShopandBox-ing brands such as Gucci from the UK instead of France/Italy. As of July 5, a pair of Gucci mules will cost you €452 if our UK Boxers shop it from Gucci’s online site in the UK, whereas its retail price online in France and Italy is €495—approximately €43/USD46/MYR187/SGD63/AUD62 in savings.

While #Brexit leaves the future of the UK and the EU in uncertainty along with backlash on social media that this could be the biggest mistake made by British citizens, there are a few advantages that you Shoppers can snap up on while it last. Consolidate your ShopandBox package with our favourite beauty products such as Zoella, or you can get ideas on how you can fill up your Brit box with these must-haves here. Our special 1-3 day DHL international shipping rates begin at £14 for a 0.5kg parcel, so get crackin’ on your mid-year shopping haul!


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  3. You can add as many items as you want into your wishlist (even items not mentioned above).
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