The Brit Box to Have, featuring Mulberry Lily

For us Boxers out there, it’s imperative to educate our Shoppers about the necessity of filling up your ShopandBox parcel or box. Before you query the reason behind it, read more about how you can save more on international shipping fees! But back to the point – this week, we thought of how you Shoppers can make the most of one order from the UK. And the best way (in our humble opinion) is to have the ultimate Brit Box curated by the team.

First things first. Our luxury purse of the week is the Mulberry Lily (+ Add To Wishlist). Known as the darling of the iconic British brand, the Lily continues to be a favourite thanks to its simple design, featuring the leather interwoven chain and a classic shape. The Mulberry Lily Medium Shoulder Bag is a sizable tote, measuring at 20cm x 28cm x 9cm (HxWxD). Priced at £850 for natural leather, its cost price is approximately £50 less* if you ShopandBox this from the UK.

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To add on to your box, why not ShopandBox its pint-sized twin, the Mulberry Mini Lily (+ Add To Wishlist)? One goes to mom, and the other for bubs if she’s a young fashionista in the making! But if you’re having second thoughts about the miniature size, it is actually perfect for a night-out in town, or if your outfit requires a nifty accessory that doesn’t overwhelm your frame. This adorable crossbody is priced at £350 for the classic grain leather, which is £25 less* compared to getting it from Australia and Singapore.

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While we’re already ShopandBoxing from the UK, why not get some good British tea, courtesy of Harrods Spring Loose Tea,  £9.95, (+ Add To Wishlist)? This earthy blend of green tea has undernotes of lemon, myrtle, ginger and cardamom – ideal for welcoming the season of blooms.

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Better yet, add a jar of the awesome Lotus Biscoff Biscuit Spread,  £2, + Add To Wishlist, (try the crunchy, you wouldn’t regret it!) to jazz up your regular tea breaks.

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If you worry about exceeding the weight of your parcel by adding more items, fret not as there still is one more category of products that will take up perhaps the least weight: cosmetics!

Try out a variety of Sleek Makeup Matte Me Lip Glosses, £4.99 (+ Add To Wishlist), Lip Creams, £4.99 (+ Add To Wishlist), or chuck in their best-selling i-Divine Eye Palettes, £7.99 (+ Add To Wishlist) that come in day and night variants. What we love about this brand? The fact that its makeup is for all skintones!

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Find out what else you can ShopandBox from the UK here, and don’t miss out on classic British brands such as Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, and Burberry while you’re shopping!


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