Deal of the Week: $150 off MOTO X!


For just 5 days, the extremely eye-pleasing Moto X can be yours at a massive discount. Take $150 OFF any no-contract, and any colour Moto X (except the developers edition) Customize it and make it as bright and happy, or as dark and sexy as you like.




So, the run-down on what makes this phone a very pretty bargain: 

1)  USA Made

We’re partial to a good old electronic that is created, born and brought up in one place.

2)  Customizable 

Say goodbye to generic looking phones. Customize this beauty according to how you want it to look. Choose the back, front and accent colours for your Moto X.

3) Price

With the $150 decrease in price (if you have a special voucher), this phone has just been made very affordable, especially considering its specifications.

4)  Impressive Specifications:

  • 4.7-inch OLED display with a resolution of 1,280 by 720 pixels. Covered with Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • Internal storage 16 or 32 GB with 2 GB of RAM
  • Camera boasts a 10-megapixel sensor with an LED flash
  • 2,200 milliamp Li-Ion battery which means no nightly charging is necessary

So Shoppers, what are you waiting for?

Start getting creative and designing your dream phone. Put it into your ShopandBox wishlist, and we’ll make sure you get your $150 discount. Limited time only, and limited voucher codes available so hurry on now.

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