The Ultimate Gift Guide by @emma_lauren for Everyone On Your List

Emma of @emma_lauren is Adelaide-born, Hong Kong based and the owner of an Instagram account bursting with pastels, lust-worthy travel destinations, vintage inspiration and sheer prettiness.  So you know when she curates something gift related, it’s going to be fabulous. We’re excited to have Emma showcase her shopping picks from the USA and Korea and guest post today’s shopping guide for those of you who want to surprise your family and friends with thoughtful picks from two of the best shopping destinations (the USA and Korea) out there:

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m personally not a fan of battling the crowds at this time of the year, so I usually try and do most of my shopping online. This year I tried ShopandBox’s global personal shopping service which helps you shop easily overseas by linking you with a personal shopper (“Boxer”). I was connected with Boxer Yan from the US and Boxer Jess from Korea. The benefits (apart from being able to shop in your pajamas) include getting items overseas that are often a lot cheaper than both Australia and Hong Kong. Plus, a personal shopper allows you to shop in stores brands that are not available outside that country—this means you can wow your loved ones with items they likely haven’t seen before.

Below, a curated Christmas gift guide for friends and family according to their quirky preferences.

The Gourmand


My foolproof gift for the gourmands in my life is a food hamper—they always go down a treat! Boxer Yan helped me find some unique and delicious hamper items from America including white chocolate with freeze dried strawberries, toffee flavored tea and some amazing rose gummy bears from luxury candy boutique Sugarfina. To add an extra special twist to your food hamper, include wooden spoons and contemporary matte plates and mugs from Korean lifestyle brands like Sinon Shop.


The Friend Who Has Everything


Candles make the perfect gift for both the person in your life who has everything. I found this Korean brand Soohyang had the absolute perfect range for gifting, team with a box of oversized matches for a present they will enjoy using and appreciate year round. Boxer Jess recommends their iconic “Itaewon 565” scent and enjoy a virtual tour of Soohyang’s gorgeous store here.


The Colleague


Stationary is a practical and useful gift and there is nothing better than starting the new year with fresh new notepads to inspire and brighten a workspace. For my friend who works in an office I found new stationary, notepads and a memo pad. The Ecobridge stationary set is packaged in a boxed winter scene – absolutely perfect for Christmas! I also found Dear Maison, another trendy Korean brand that has cute prints like polka dots and marble notebooks.


The Make Up Lover


Makeup in the US is a quite a lot cheaper compared to both Australia and Hong Kong. With an American Boxer helping me shop like a local, what better time to get some cult cosmetic items for the makeup lovers in my life (at a price I will love). The Becca highlighter has been this season’s must-have item and would definitely add a touch of luxe to any stocking and the adorable packaging of the Too Faced blush, makes it a perfect gift. Boxer Yan was so lovely to use a sale coupon only available in the USA on top of the lower price just to get me an additional 20%!


The Traveller


If you have a friend who is constantly on-the-go, why not inspire them on their next adventure and remind them of the great memories from previous ones with a decorative map? Maps always look great framed, or if you are feeling creative, why not combine with photos from previous trips for a scrapbook-resembling moodboard?


Furry BFF


I couldn’t go gift shopping without thinking about my furry bestie. With winter quickly approaching Hong Kong it was the perfect time to buy some cozy sweaters from canine fashionista brand Meaningless. I love the Korean range of petware, as well as sweaters and collars. They also had some amazing beds I have never seen before which I am definitely going to get my Boxer Jess to help me purchase with next time!


Spread the Cheer


I also bought the cutest stamp stickers and stationary from Korea and cannot wait to start the holiday season by spreading Christmas cheer to the mailboxes of my overseas friends and family via making and sending Christmas cards.


Shop Emma’s X’mas Curated Collection:


1. Soohyang Candle, KRW 28000/USD 26.55, + Add To Wishlist

2. Eco stationery set ver.8 – polar bearKRW 8300/USD 7.85, + Add To Wishlist

3. Dear Maison Polkadot Notebook, KRW 1800/USD 1.70, + Add To Wishlist

4. Meaningless Turtleneck Dog SweaterKRW 15000/USD 14.20, + Add To Wishlist

5. Dear Maison Memo Pad, KRW 4800/USD 4.55, + Add To Wishlist

6. David’s Tea English toffee tea, USD 11.53, + Add To Wishlist

 7. Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop, USD 30.40, + Add To Wishlist

8. Divine Chocolate White Chocolate with Strawberries, USD 3.69, + Add To Wishlist

9. Too Faced Sweethearts Blush, USD 24, + Add To Wishlist

10. Sugarfina Rose All Day Bears, USD 8.50, + Add To Wishlist

11. Iconic Cute Stamp Stickers, KRW 3000/USD 3, + Add To Wishlist 

12. Adam Shaw Vintage World Map, USD 29  + Add To Wishlist 

13. Sinon Shop Small Matte PlateKRW 9000/USD 8.55, + Add To Wishlist

13. Sinon Shop Medium Matte Plate, KRW 14000/USD 13.30, + Add To Wishlist

14. Sinon Shop Pink Cup, KRW5,900/USD 5.60, + Add To Wishlist

15. Soohyang Long matches, KRW 9900/USD 9.40  + Add To Wishlist

16. Storefarm Wooden Spoons, KRW 8540/USD 8.10,  + Add To Wishlist

*Shop Emma’s full collection here.


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  3. You can add as many items as you want into your wishlist (even items not mentioned above).
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  6. Your box of goodies gets shipped to your door in 1 – 3 days wherever you are in the world!

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