4 Food-Based Beauty Essentials To Score From Japan

japanese beauty buys

For those who are already incorporating healthy foods to your dietary routine, why not add food-based skincare products that are equally as beneficial to your skin? As of late, we’ve seen beauty products made of food ingredients that sound as good as it looks. Below, check out all the options you can ShopandBox from Japan:

Wafood Azuki Scrub

japanese beauty buys

Adzuki Scrub, Wafood, JPY1,998, + Add To Wishlist: Adzuki beans are packed with a chockfull of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. This yummy bean is also known as the “King of Beans”, and is popularly used as an exfoliant due to its texture. Either dried, whole or ground, adzuki beans can polish the skin, absorb excess dirt and sebum while leaving skin healthy and refreshed. Wafood’s Adzuki Scrub has Shumari red beans from Hokkaido that can scrub and moisturise your skin for a radiant glow.


Wafood Sake Pack

japanese beauty buys

Sake Pack, Wafood, JPY1,200, + Add To Wishlist: Did you know that sake has a host of skin-saving benefits, such as reducing the appearance of sun spots, signs of ageing, and soothing the skin from inflammation? Wafood’s Sake Pack is easy breezy for you to nourish your skin in the comfort of your home. Thanks to sake derived extracts from Kumamoto along with Aso rice and water, this face pack helps to remove dead skin cells, moisturises and revitalises dull skin for a youthful look.


Keana Rice Mask

japanese beauty buys

Rice Pack, Keana, JPY1,150, + Add To Wishlist: If SK-II vouches for the miraculous benefits of rice, you bet that this food staple works to full effect for the skin. Keana’s Rice Pack is a sheet mask that is infused with hydrating serum made from organic Japanese rice. Its formula has a blend of sake, rice bran oil, and rice ceramides to nourish dry skin and hydrate it completely.


Geroko Monogatari Nagomi Yuzu Sheets

japanese beauty buys

Nagomi Yuzu Sheets, Geroko Monogatari, JPY2,000, + Add To Wishlist: Yuzu is packed with vitamin C, and is known to be a more potent Japanese version of grapefruit. It’s no wonder that yuzu is often incorporated in skincare products thanks to its benefits, including replenishing dead skin cells for a smoother, silkier complexion. These yuzu sheets from Geroko Monogatari serve as a modernised version of the traditional Japanese medicinal compress sheets. It is imbued with a subtle yuzu fragrance, made using essential oils from local trees. Bring these aromatic sheets along wherever you go for a calming perk-me-up.


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