8 Chic Korean Sunglasses Brands We’ve Got Our Eyes On

When it comes to Korean eyewear brands, there aren’t many that most are familiar with, save for the celebrity-favourite, Gentle Monster. So today, we take a closer look at several other Korean eyewear brands that offer snazzy shades for you to consider the next time you’re ShopandBoxing with us:


Lapiz+ is an eyewear company that has a complete range of eyewear sub-brands for kids to adults. entire range. Scroll through the site to view brands such as Corto (eyewear for kids) to collaborative pieces with local artists. The latest highlight is a collaboration with American-born-Korean actress Han Ye Seul on their Lapiz Sensible range.

Check out our picks to ShopandBox below:

  1. Corto 001 Peach MC, Corto, KRW79,000, +Add to Wishlist
  2. Quarter-R, Lapiz Sensible, KRW238,000, +Add to Wishlist
  3. Tweed, Lapiz Sensible, KRW145,600, +Add to Wishlist



Grafik:Plastic has a variety of fun frames to choose from and their sunglasses are often featured in the magazines and donned by celebrities. Great news if you are into custom pieces—you can actually customise your very own eyewear with them or try out quirkier pieces such as the collaborative piece with Sticky Monster.

Check out our picks to ShopandBox below:

  1. Grafik:Plastic x Sticky Monster Lab, grafik:plastic, KRW330,000, +Add to Wishlist
  2. Jazz Oscar Rose Gold, grafik:plastic, KRW230,000, +Add to Wishlist
  3. Angle 5 chrome glossy red, grafik:plastic, KRW250,000, +Add to Wishlist



Stealer is a Korean sunglasses brand with an international presence with stockists in numerous countries. Their latest collaboration is with Kia, the automobile brand to create Stealer x Stinger, a sporty looking sunglasses to commemorate Kia’s first premium sedan, Stinger. Korean celebrities are often seen wearing their eyewear on television to being featured in fashion magazines. Their eyewear options are seriously chic and you are bound to find a few favourites from the wide range they offer.

Check out our picks to ShopandBox below:

  1. Stealer x Stinger, Stinger, KRW258,000, +Add to Wishlist
  2. Sider, Stinger, KRW238,000, +Add to Wishlist
  3. Prairie, Stinger, KRW235,000, +Add to Wishlist


Double Lovers

Double Lovers is the young blood of Korean eyewear that’s casual and edgy with a well-curated Instagram feed to boot. Their creative packaging (cloth cleaner and pouch) for each release is one of the reasons why they stand out from the sea of eyewear brands—suckers for sleek, eye-catching packaging would surely love this brand.

Check out our picks to ShopandBox below:

  1. Double Lovers x Cannabis Cardigan, Double Lovers, KRW149,000, +Add to Wishlist
  2. Wig Yellow, Double Lovers, KRW159,000, +Add to Wishlist
  3. Alfa, Double Lovers, KRW159,000, +Add to Wishlist



NYBK is a brand founded by young designers hailing from Parson’s School of Design New York. Their products are available in Korea exclusively through A-land, and boast a relatively reasonable price range for their quality eyewear. This one’s for those who love a great wear without breaking the bank!

Check out our picks to ShopandBox below:

  1. White Plains C69 SB, NYBK, KRW69,000, +Add to Wishlist
  2. Seattle M56 SM, NYBK, KRW69,000, +Add to Wishlist
  3. Cortland M33 PK, NYBK, KRW69,000, +Add to Wishlist


Gentle Monster 

One of the more popular Korean sunglasses brand out there, Gentle Monster needs no introduction. If you happen to be anywhere near their showroom especially in Korea (as featured in our City Guide), do make sure to step in for a peek—you’d get to soak in their creative vibes while trying on their over the top pieces.

Check out our picks to ShopandBox below:

  1. Nunty 01, Gentle Monster, KRW320,000, +Add to Wishlist
  2. Tool b1(11m), Gentle Monster, KRW280,000, +Add to Wishlist
  3. Pencil Glasses Yellow Pen, Gentle Monster, KRW410,000, +Add to Wishlist



Alo stores are available at most major shopping malls in South Korea. With basic frames to sunglasses aplenty, one can get overwhelmed with the choices available. Nonetheless, options are a good thing and once you’ve got a design locked down, our Boxers will do the shopping for you!

Check out our picks to ShopandBox below:

  1. Alo I-conic 4709A BBG, ALO, KRW179,000, +Add to Wishlist
  2. G.Improvisation, ALO, KRW89,000, +Add to Wishlist
  3. Piercing, ALO, KRW178,000, +Add to Wishlist



Despite its rather Japanese-sounding name, Sagawafujii was founded here in Korea and specializes in handmade wooden eyewear and watches. If you are into raw, organic materials and a rustic aesthetic, this might be your cup of tea. Their designs are classic which are great for daily wear.

Check out our picks to ShopandBox below:

  1. Mato 103t & Clip-On G Green, Sagawafujii, KRW292,000, +Add to Wishlist
  2. Kuro Vintage Silver & Clip-On B Silver (M), Sagawafujii, KRW324,000, +Add to Wishlist
  3. Trebo 206 (Dark Blue), Sagawafujii, KRW248,000, +Add to Wishlist

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Featured image: Gentle Monster

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