On Our IT-List: Anello Backpack from Japan

When it comes to bag trends and accessory fads, no one is as on-the-ball as our fellow Japanese peers who are practically trendsetters in their own right. Recently, the craze of Anello bags have reached far and wide, even influencing Singaporean Shoppers who swear by this convenient, versatile backpack that is sizeable enough even to double as a diaper bag!

We firsthand witnessed this craze in Tokyo recently, from college students to young mums toting this fashionable yet functional backpack in a variety of colours and materials. While there are a range of models of Anello bags such as the tote/handheld version and the sling/crossbody backpack. Anello is one of the few brands under Japanese-founded Carrot Company, and prides itself on creating functional and simple bags that are easy to use with reasonable prices—a tagline that strongly reminds us of Fjallraven Kanken bags that were all the rage recently.


The beauty about Anello backpacks lies in its versatility, as mentioned previously. It has two wide straps for you to use as a backpack, along with handles for you to tote it around if you prefer. Don’t judge the bag by its exterior – it measures at 40cm long and has a depth of 20cm, which is practically wide enough if you need to stuff your MacBook Pro along with a bottle of water, wallet, and a book within. If you’re a mum who’s looking for a stylish option to the typical bulky diaper bags, Anello backpacks serve as an excellent diaper bag as well.

Naturally, with every bag trend there comes a slew of imitation/replica versions in the market, be it online or in-stores. Now that this fad is expanding to Malaysia/Singapore, we aren’t surprise at the number of imitation Anello backpacks we’re seeing around. But fret not – you can now get this from Japan with a price range of JPY4,850 to JPY5,292.


Colour palette wise, Anello’s recent collab with Japanese retailer PAGEBOY has resulted in four pretty colours that you can choose from: black, light grey and light pink, dark grey and pink, and lilac ranging at JPY5,292 each. This collection isn’t available in Malaysia or Singapore at the moment, but our Boxers from Japan are able to ShopandBox this for you from authentic retailers there. Add this to your wishlist now and start shopping!

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    March 1, 2017 at 6:54 am

    Anello backpack does have an elegant look, and it is spacious, not to mention the superb quality of their leather and canvas material of the bag. Thank you for your post.

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