The Game-Changing Sports Drink that the Best Marathoners Are Drinking

maurten sports drinks

Many sports drinks available now in the market only come with salts, sugars and flavouring that might not bode well for long-distance runners. The main concern lies within the high levels of carbohydrates in these drinks: The human stomach is only made to cope with a certain level of sugar concentration, and if it is excessively high, it often results in slower gastric emptying and GI distress.

maurten sports drink

But Swedish startup brand Maurten has found a remedy for this gastrointestinal dilemma. The company aim is to incorporate hydrogel technology in developing sports drinks that are laden with carbohydrates that our bodies can absorb without side effects.

Working with a panel of universities, doctors and nutritionists, Maurten’s sports drinks have a whopping 80g of carbohydrates per 1/2 liter—approximately 3x more than a regular sports drink. These hydrogels also include two natural dietary fibres:

  • Alginate: Extracted from the cell walls of brown algae.
  • Pectin: A natural polysaccharide found in berries, apples and other fruits

What this means to long-distance runners and athletes is that there will be little to none gastrointestinal issues throughout an intense run. Successful examples include a long list of marathoners that Maurten has teamed up with in 2016 and 2017, such as winner of London Marathon 2017 Daniel Wanjiru and Eliud Kipchoge, who scored the fastest marathon distance in history (02:00:25) at Monza 2017.

maurten sports drink maurten sports drink

The best part about Maurten’s hydrogels is that there are no artificial flavouring and colouring. Also, its neutral pH ensures that there is zero acid in its products, meaning you don’t have to worry about stomach upsets while running. Maurten has two options available in its e-shop, the Mix 160 and Mix 320.

All you have to do is mix the powder with water to get a liquid sports drink. It will convert to hydrogel with the acidity of the stomach once you consume it, allowing for an easy transportation of the drink through the stomach to the intestine.

ShopandBox Maurten here:

maurten sports drink

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