For Mums and Bubs: Must-have baby skincare and bath products

Whether you’re a new mumma who needs a little helping hand in terms of picking only the best baby skincare, or an experienced one who’s grown weary of chemical ridden baby products, these proudly Australian-made, eco-friendly items are tailored for you and your bub’s unique skincare and bath needs.

We cut through the clutter of baby bath and skincare brands to source only beautifully simple, effective, and made with wonderfully organic good skinfood ingredients that you and your baby’s skin will love.

Get to know our Aussie Boxers to ShopandBox our list baby skincare goodies to add to your go-to kit.


  1. Spotty Tots, Milk & Co, AUD12.95, +Add to Wishlist
    We love Milk & Co not only for their quirky-cute names (see Stinky Winky Room Spray, and Moisturising Qweam below), but also for their dedication to providing fuss-free and nourishing baby skincare products. Made with no irritants and hidden nasties, their Spotty Tots soothing cream is a baby kit necessity that helps keep pesky red bumps and itches at bay.
  2. Sleeptime Bath, GAIA, AUD11.50, +Add to Wishlist
    An absolute Aussie favourite, Gaia Skin Naturals has been providing skinfood goods for mummies, bubbies, and hubbies since 2002. Their Sleeptime Bath, part of their Natural Baby skincare collection, alleviates the stress of bath and bedtime with their calming blend of organic lavender and ylang ylang oils. Free from artificial fragrances, soap and sulphates, this gentle cleanser is suitable for eczema and sensitive skin.
  3. Nappy Balm, Thankyou, AUD8.49, +Add to Wishlist
    Thankyou blessed mothers everywhere with the Nappy Balm, a nappy change essential formulated to soothe rashes and protect your baby’s bum from further irritation. To top it off, 100% of their profits will go towards funding children and maternal health programs to families in need.
  4. Moisturising Qweam, Milk & Co, AUD9.95, +Add to Wishlist
    For everyday use, Moisturising Qweam keeps your bub’s skin smooth and supple without the bothersome greasy feeling. And to add to the long list of reasons to love this brand, Milk & Co supports Brainwave Australia, a charity dedicated to helping kids with brain cancer and other brain disorders.
  5. Talc Free Baby PowderKelapa, AUD9.95, +Add to Wishlist
    Kelapa Organic’s 100% Aussie-made baby skincare range boasts simple and natural bub-friendly goodies. Their Talc Free Baby Powder absorbs excess moisture to prevent nappy rashes and skin irritations. Simply sprinkle a small amount on your hands and apply to your baby’s skin
  6. Australian Goats Milk Baby Hair and Bath WashBubba Organics, AUD29.95, +Add to Wishlist
    Bubba Organics’ recipe for quality baby skincare includes cruelty-free production, recyclable packaging, and a whole lot of local, naturally sourced ingredients. We recommend their Australian Goats Milk Hair and Bath Wash for its scent-free and organic formula, catering to the little one’s sensitive skin.
  7. Milky Whites Organic ToothpasteLittle Innoscents, AUD4.99, +Add to Wishlist
    Making a baby laugh is arguably one of the most rewarding accomplishments in life, and seeing their tiny sprouting peaks of pearly whites make it all the more exciting. This fluoride-free and calcium-rich organic toothpaste is especially made for teething bubs to support growing teeth, healthy gums, and bright smiles.
  8. Mums and Bubs Massage Oil, Thankyou, AUD9.99, +Add to Wishlist
    Made with ethically-sourced natural plant based oils such as coconut, rosehip, and avocado, Thankyou’s non-greasy, dermatologically tested formula is a treat for both mum and bub. Its calming aroma soothes the senses to make every nap or bath time a relaxing experience.
Featured Image: Thankyou

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