What You Can Get With USD100 From a Pharmacy in Korea

Hot on the heels of our insider guide to what you can get with USD100 in Japan, we move to Korea this week to explore the same option with the help of Boxer AJ. A professional browser of all things beauty related and lifestyle goods, Boxer AJ brings Olive Young (the largest drugstore in Korea) to our doorsteps via an exclusive ShopandBox haul.

Olive Young

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If you don’t know already, Olive Young is popular mainly because it holds the most extensive range of beauty products from Korea in one space (and that is a whopping 1,188 sq ft in the Myeongdong branch!) If you happen to swing by Korea, dropping by the store is a must on your checklist as you can check out different zones for an experience unlike any other—from a body care zone resembling a bathroom to a K-food zone that carries an amazing array of trending snacks.

But for those who are reading this post from the comfort of your dwellings halfway across the world from Korea, you can always ShopandBox your way to Olive Young with the help of our Boxers from Korea. Another thing we love about ShopandBoxing from this beautiful country apart from its enviable plethora of choices? The amount of free samples bestowed to us by most of the stores!

Here are all the items from Olive Young Boxer AJ has put together with only USD100:


Plaster Diffuser – White Musk, KRW12,500, + Add To Wishlist

What better way to beautify your desk top and living room area with a diffuser that smells as good as it looks? The white musk scent makes it a delight to have in your abode.


Carezone Acne

Carezone Acne Spot Patches (A-Cure Clarifying Spot Patch), KRW5,000, + Add To Wishlist

Acne spot patches are super popular in Korea compared to blemish gels or creams. This item is worth every cent as it includes 6 individual packets of 12 spot patches in one box for only USD4 a pop! This means you’re getting a total of 144 patches (not that you’ll need this many in a month, but it’s always good to have backup in your beauty kit, no?)



Olive Young Disposable Makeup Puff and Sponge, KRW2,500, + Add To Wishlist

It’s not easy to find makeup puffs and sponges in resealable bag, so this scores extra brownie points in our books, and especially of those who are hygiene freaks out there. It helps that it only costs USD2 for a handful of makeup puffs/sponges!



Sebum Removing Cotton Swab, KRW2,800, + Add To Wishlist

This magic cotton swab is literally made for effective sebum-removing (like its name). On one end is a normal cotton swab, and on the other end is an extractor to remove blemish/sebum that’s clogging your pores. Its black colour might be a surprise to some, but it actually helps you in taking note of the amount of dirt on the swab right after using it on your skin.



Shingmulnara Mask Capsules, KRW1,500, + Add To Wishlist

These mask capsules are available in a “2+1 Special” offer with three different scents/varieties. Capsule masks have been trending for a while now as these are easy to carry around with, especially when you’re travelling light. Shingmulnara Mask Capsules are available in ginseng, charcoal, honey and more.


Olive Young Compact

Olive Young DIY Cushion Pact, KRW10,000, + Add To Wishlist

One amazing feature we love about Korean beauty products? Customisable options! Olive Young’s DIY Cushion Pact allows you to create your own cushion and it also has a wide variety of shades be it if you’ve got ultra fair skin or a bronze glow.



Eye Candy Rainbow Volume Brush, KRW15,000, + Add To Wishlist

Among the many many trending products in Korea’s beauty scene, this colourful volume-inducing hairbrush is one of them. Why this colourful, seemingly normal brush, you might ask? Its secret lies within the multi hued bristles attached to the head. These actually create air pockets in the hair that deliver a natural volume merely by brushing through your hair like how you usually do!

Faith in Free Pink Clay Foam, KRW7,900, + Add To Wishlist

Faith in Free reminds us a lot of Benefit Cosmetics from their fun and colourful packaging. This brand is well-known for its masks, and this pink clay foam cleanser is no different with active ingredients of Hawaiian clay that removes impurities in your pores and Seaweed complex to retain moisture in your skin.

Olive Young Oil Control Paper Compact, KRW5,900, + Add To Wishlist

Olive Young’s Oil Control Paper comes in a handy little plastic compact so it doesn’t get beaten up when tossed in your (bottomless) purse like other paper varieties. A bonus is that it’s in a lovely shade of pink, and if you’re wondering what the puff in the compact is there for, it’s actually meant for you to gently dab upon your face to remove excess shine without affecting your makeup.



Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water, KRW28,000, + Add To Wishlist

One of the popular brands in Korea, Dr. Jart+ is changing the cleansing water scene with Dermaclear Micro Water. Made with 85% active hydrogen mineral water and formulated with 90 percent natural ingredients, this formula allows it to remove all impurities, makeup, and even mascara without irritation while it providing a boost of nutrients to your skin.

Olive Young Cosmetic Cotton Puff, KRW950, + Add To Wishlist

While you’re trying out the above-mentioned Micro Water from Dr. Jart+, saturate a cotton pad from Olive Young with the Micro Water and lightly sweep over entire face to remove your makeup before you hit the shower.



Dreamworks ‘Kungfu Panda Eyes’ Goggle Mask, ‘Are You The Real Shrek’ Mask, and ‘Are You The Real Cat’ Mask, KRW1,800 each, + Add To Wishlist

Talk about a super cute eye and face mask addition to your beauty stash! These Dreamworks offerings make Insta-worthy selfies while ensuring your dark eye circles disappear. Better yet, buy a stash for your girlies to try out during slumber parties and snap away fun #wefies while you’re at it.



Cocoon Willow Silky Mask, KRW6,000, + Add To Wishlist

This facial mask is worth its slightly higher price tag than other face masks in the market, thanks to its formula made from a cocktail of silk proteins to energize and quench dehydrated and dull skin. How could we possibly resist naturally made silk for a luxurious DIY facial routine?


Larva Heat Pack

Larva Heat Pack, KRW800, + Add To Wishlist

Larva is a cute (in a macabre kinda way) cartoon that is played on the public buses here in Korea. These heat packs will come in handy for that winter getaway you have planned this year.


Mediheal Foot Mask

Mediheal Paraffin Foot Mask, KRW3,000, + Add To Wishlist

Mediheel is also another recognized brand in Korea for their paraffin foot masks. What it lacks for the most fun packaging, it makes up for in delivering what it promises – which is to remove dead skin cells, speed up the cell regeneration process and get rid of cracked heels and dry, rough feet with moisturising ingredients i.e. shea butter, collagen, and urea.



Kakao Friends Toothpaste, KRW8,500, + Add To Wishlist

You might be skeptical about ShopandBoxing toothpastes from Korea, but you can’t argue that these 3 toothpastes bring fun to the mundane with its cute packaging. And let’s be real, where else can you find funky toothpaste flavours such as apple, grapefruit, herb and mint?



Code Glokolor Moomin Lipbalm, KRW4,200, + Add To Wishlist

This adorable limited edition tinted lip balm is what you need for days when you’re on break from full-colour lipsticks and sticky lip glosses. Also, the gushworthy Moomin illustrations on the exterior makes it the cutest lip balm to have in your makeup bag.


Sweet Potato

CJ Sweet Potato Snack, KRW2,400, + Add To Wishlist

Lastly, this. Because shopping is hard work and sweet potato is actually a skin lifesaver thanks to its collagen production which helps maintain skin’s youthful elasticity (no, we’re not kidding.)

But of course, there are way more great stuff available in Olive Young that our Boxers can scour for you apart from these. So if you’re intrigued and just about to add all these items into your Korean haul wishlist at this point, take a step further and be adventurous by letting your Boxer surprise you with USD100-worth of drugstore products instead – you’d never know what fun quirky beauty goodies you might get in your Korean box.

For more Korean shopping inspo, find out what Boxer Donia’s Espoir-filled beauty box is like (red mascaras anyone?) and Boxer Jin’s superfood picks here.



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