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What are the Service Fees or Shopper Boxer Negotiated Fee?

We charge a 10-14% ShopandBox Service Fee every time an order is confirmed by a Boxer and Invoice #1 is paid. This covers the cost of running ShopandBox and Boxers’ time and effort. Service fees are calculated based on the ‘Total Cost of Items’ in the order (a subtotal of Invoice #1) in the Order page.

The exact percentage used for the Service Fee depends on the total cost of items in the order. It is a lowered tier structure from 14% to 10% as the total cost of items increases, so Shopper save money when placing larger orders.

As your assigned Boxer confirms the cost of items in the order, Shoppers can see the service Fee calculated under Invoice #2 – ShopandBox Service Fee (%) on the Order page. The exact Service Fee is located on the top right corner of the Order page, under Invoice 2 Total. The ShopandBox Service Fee will re-calculate if each item cost is changed.

If there is a Shopper Boxer Negotiated Fee arranged between Shopper and Boxer, your assigned Boxer will include this under Invoice #2 as a separate line called Shopper Boxer Negotiated Fee.

If an Order is cancelled before Invoice #1 is paid, we do not charge the ShopandBox Service Fee. However, if your assigned Boxer has had to take the time, effort and/or travel to the store to confirm the cost of the items for you, then the Shopper Boxer Negotiated Fee may not be refunded.

If an Order is cancelled after your assigned Boxer has purchased your items (after Invoice #1 is already paid), the Service Fee and Shopper Boxer Negotiated Fee (if any) is non-refundable.

If a Shopper receives their order and wishes to exchange / refund, your assigned Boxer may charge an additional Shopper Boxer Negotiated Fee for any additional time and effort for change of mind purchases.

For repeat consolidate orders of low value (below USD100), Boxers may at their own discretion request a Shopper Boxer negotiated fee for multiple consolidate order requests to cover their time and effort.

Please note than any refund requests will incur a PayPal fee charge if the request is more than 55 days from when the invoice payment was made.

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