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Where do I enter my voucher code?

You can enter your voucher code at any time during the Order process. On the right panel, beneath the Invoice section is an Add My Voucher link:

  • On the pop-up window, enter your unique Voucher Code
  • Select Apply to validate and use your voucher
  • If the voucher is valid, your Invoice total will be updated automatically with Voucher Code (‘Description’) where description is the type of voucher code applied
  • A notification message will appear for invalid voucher codes – check that you have applied it correctly and select Apply again. Otherwise, contact your Boxer for assistance

Voucher codes from ShopandBox are applied to either a discount off the Service Fee or the International Shipping Fee and differs from voucher to voucher. Each voucher is unique and comes with its own set of terms – please ensure that you read and understand the conditions of use before applying.

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