The Best Cherry Blossom Snacks and Beverages From Japan

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You’ve checked out sakura-scented beauty products, but don’t forget to ShopandBox a load of cherry blossom flavoured snacks and drinks that are also widely available in Japan this season. If you’re wondering what exactly does cherry blossom flavour taste like, it’s almost impossible to describe its flavour, as most snacks have its own interpretation and medley of flavours—be it sakura cookies, honey, or even tea.

But if you’re (like most of us) avid foodies who love nothing more than to sample one of Japan’s seasonal flavours, ShopandBox these six food and drinks with the help of our Boxers in Japan.
cherry blossom snacks

  1. Kyoto Obubu Sakura Tea, Obubu Tea, JPY, + Add To Wishlist: This sakura tea is an interesting combination of flavours—it is mildly salty, but has a floral aftertaste punctuated with plum undertones. It is made from preserved cherry blossoms in salt and plum vinegar, making it a truly unique tea flavour on its own.
  2. Yokumoku Sakura Cookies, Yokumoku, JPY, + Add To Wishlist: Yokumoku is well-known for its cigar cookies that are available in (you know it) cylindrical cigar-like shapes. Their springtime offering is a limited edition, cherry blossom flavoured butter cookies that are flatter in shape, but equally as delicious.
  3. Miel Mie Cherry Blossom Honey, Miel Mie, JPY867, + Add To Wishlist: Miel Mie’s honey is infused with pickled cherry blossoms petals for an intriguing taste. Add it to hot water for refreshing change, or drizzle it over waffles and ice cream for a delightful treat.
  4. Calbee Sakura Potato ChipsCalbee, JPY100, + Add To Wishlist: Japan’s most popular potato chip brand Calbee has released a sakura shrimp flavour that you’d enjoy if you’re a fan of sweet and salty combos. While this is only limited to certain prefectures in the nation, you can also ShopandBox regular sakura potato chips that are widely available in Tokyo.
  5. Sakura Cola, Kimura, JPY125, + Add To Wishlist: What’s better than regular coke? Cherry blossom flavoured coke, of course. Get a floral whiff courtesy of  Japanese cherry blossom extracts in this pink-hued coke.
  6. Lipton Sakura Tea, Lipton, JPY324, + Add To Wishlist: Apart from delectable flavours such as crème brûlée, blueberry muffin and apple pie, Lipton tea has rolled out limited edition sakura flavoured tea bags that are only available this spring season.


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